My dad died unexpectedly on October 4, 2022; I found it oddly cathartic to make him (and his pup) in the sims. It's not my best CAS work, but please feel free to download him if you need a silly, artistic father figure in your game. Gallery ID: reika_bellona

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  1. This isn’t going to be easy and even though you’ll love your baby endlessly you will wish you had waited, as long as you’re accepting of that mindset then do what your heart wants

  2. My place had a pay card system where you if you keep the pay card you can get your credit card tips for the night immediately after you clock out. if you use your bank acc you get them every friday

  3. i love it. Some people don’t, but i like getting all my money immediately

  4. So they just come out to like check the weather and shit?

  5. it’s when tapeworms grow and dispose of parts of their body it falls out ur butthole

  6. Im realizing that i am the minority i don’t wash my hands ever after a change unless i touch poop

  7. i think in the off chance this is the end of your marriage i would get your affairs in order

  8. Your clinicals aren't "classes," you'll be in a clinical environment (usually a hospital) for about 1000 hours (just for general, if your program offers vascular and cardiac that takes more time), typically done 8 hours a day, three days a week while school is in session. The credit hour equivalent if clinicals were traditional "classes" (50 minutes of classroom time per week for each credit hour, for a traditional 14-week course) translates to almost 29 "credit hours." I don't know how the online programs break it down but in my program we did our clinicals while also doing lecture and scan lab at school. I can't imagine having to "learn" all of the classroom stuff without having access to scan time.

  9. That’s the issue. If im being completely honest im scrambling to find an answer to everything you said, and can’t seem to find much. i spend about 2-3 hours a day doing my research but it seems like everything i read online skips the answers to my questions and heads straight to “sign up today!”

  10. This isn't financial advice but you'll be in far better shape taking out loans to cover childcare and living expenses for a year or two in ultrasound school then you will be borrowing money to pursue psychology. You'll make more entry-level in ultrasound than someone with even a masters in psych.

  11. would you mind messaging me your experience with this, what credentials i need, and what pursuing this career looks like? Thank you.

  12. hmmm okay- I would be mainly looking to work morning shifts during the weekend. Thanks for answering!

  13. I walked out on a tuesday morning close lunch shift w 169$ the other day.

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