1. Yeah this, I've never come across white sugar which isn't vegan in the UK.

  2. Sugar in the UK is about 50/50 if it comes from either sugar beet (such as Silver Spoon) or sugar cane (Tate & Lyle). Sugar beet is always vegan, sugar cane can vary but there's only three sugar producers in the UK and none of them use bone char for any of their sugar products.

  3. Concordo com penas bem maiores, visto que a reincidência entre os pedófilos é praticamente um dado garantido, é necessário manter esses monstros longe da sociedade pelo máximo de tempo possível.

  4. Eu gosto de “rasgar” tofu em pedaços (com as mãos), misturar com umas colheres de molho de soja, umas de levedura de cerveja (“nutritional yeast”) e uma colher de azeite + pimentão fumado (opcional) e levar ao airfryer/forno a 180 graus meia hora ( ir revirando de vez em quando)

  5. Há anos que procuro em Lisboa. Se alguém souber era ótimo!

  6. can't believe you still believe in frogs smh my head

  7. Oh wow! Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm going to grab some at Tesco's.

  8. Woah! Those LOOK &Sounds great! Are they a particular brand? I've not seen them in waitrose before

  9. Odeio que não se possa ver nada do rtpplay fora de Portugal...

  10. Em inglaterra se alugas casa tens que pagar imposto do concelho e parte vai para a paróquia local. Um bocado ridículo quando eles pouco ou nada fazem para a comunidade geral.

  11. Vê então que argumentos o ministério públicou usou há uns anos atrás para arquivar um processo da SPA contra "piratas" que andavam a sacar conteúdos de artistas portugueses nos torrents.

  12. O google é à borla ainda. Eu não te estou a tentar convencer de nada, se queres confirmar fá-lo por ti próprio.

  13. Giving Green currently recommends The Good Food Institute as one of their

  14. Kanye has been like this for years. I bet lil Wayne will end up the same way because he has some questionable lyrics in his songs. For example “if I die young blame it on the Jews” in don’t cry.

  15. Sure if we want to get technical about it. Life is life and it's all wonderful and amazing.

  16. It's not a technicality at all, it's something that everyone should know. Also, we're on a vegan subreddit, so the fact that bugs are animals is particularly relevant here, since vegans avoid eating animals. I also don't share your perspective on life.

  17. Ok cool I'm down with that. I'm vegan and don't eat bugs/animals.

  18. The perspective that it's "all wonderful and amazing" when there's so much suffering in the world (possibly more than happiness).

  19. Yeah it’s not something I’ve really used before, definitely going to be experimenting with it now though. Gonna give a chocolate mousse a try next I think!

  20. Aaah thanks for letting me know! That sucks, I remember a documentary(?) where they focused on cacao growers in an African country I can't remember, and they'd never eaten the chocolate their labour produced before that show. Fucking vile that that kind of exploitation goes widely unchallenged. I'll have to try finding more ethical vegan chocolate makers if I can!

  21. Aren't both somewhat dangerous? I know motorcycles have really high injury/fatality rates, I assume similar for bicycles and ebikes - is this wrong?

  22. Electric bicycles are bicycles. Also, they're more expensive than traditional bicycles but I'm

  23. Yes, because slavery isn't inherent to the production of coffee and cocoa, same for avocados and palm oil.

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