2. Where in VA are you moving to? There are lots of weekly popup events in the Central part of the state.

  3. Will be the NOVA area, not exactly sure yet.

  4. They are not going to begin in 2024 without legislative action that the current admin has no plans to take up, so that’s not a guarantee.

  5. Assuming I already have the products already, will I ever run into any legal issues for possession or consumption? Or is it fully legal in Virginia, just not possible to buy yet?

  6. Don‘t let people discourage you from finding a one bedroom apartment in this price range. I live in a decent one bedroom 750sq apartment in Arlington for 1600$ (all utilities included except internet). I also have access to a gym, pool and rooftop terrace. While rare - you can certainly get these deals when you do a lot of reasearch. The following apartments should be within your price range: Alexandria: Riverside, Arrive Alexandria, Parc Vue of Alexandria, Foxchase Apartments Arlington: Dominion Plaza, Dorchester Apartments, The Wellington, Oakland Apartments, Shawnee Apartments. Falls Church: Munson Hill Towers Good luck!

  7. Thank you so much! I will look into all of these!

  8. Don’t have any recommendations for apartments in Alexandria, but if you’re looking to spend under $1,700 in a safe area that’s near the metro, you’ll most likely need a roommate.

  9. It doesn't have to specially be in Alexandria, but that is around the area I was looking at. The Ashburn area is also possible, if near metro.

  10. I love that strain! I haven't seen it in years, I used to find it in Michigan. If you find a nice substitue in Ohio please let us know!

  11. I did go to my local dispensary and asked them this question as well. They did in fact let me know they have Green Runtz which is a cross of Runtz and Green Crack. They said they haven't sold regular Green Crack in years. They only had the 1 oz size as well in stock, so I'll try a 10th next time it's available.

  12. Closest to my knowledge is Green Runtz by Firelands Scientific. I've had it before it's nice.

  13. I'm usually not a huge fan of Runtz strains, Green Crack is about as sativa strong as possible, I know Runtz is usually more hybrid of indica leaning. Do you know if it's a true Runtz or if they are just swapping the name out for Green Crack?

  14. When I started originally I started at 2.5 mg for a week then, 5 mg, for 2 weeks and finally up to 10. Maybe that will help but I had bad side effects. I stopped for a year and now I’m back on starting at 5mg and have no side effects after 2 weeks. And honestly since we are anxious people I think a lot of it is our head’s because I was on this sub reading these horror stories and how terrible it can be and everything I read I was like I have that or I’m going to get that. But the consistent thing with all those horror stories is in the end this drug is life changing when it takes effect. I can vouch for that as well. The side effects go away and the benefits definitely out way the side effects in the end. Best thing is to read all the Lexapro success stories not the horror ones

  15. Are you planning on just taking the 5mg, or are you going to up the dosage to 10? I am considering just taking 5 and seeing how it effects me over the 6 weeks, as I'm scared to take it at all right now.

  16. Did you tell them you were hesitant about starting with the full 10? I’m like 190 M and started with 5mg for the first 2 weeks, then went to 7.5mg, and then 3 months later I’m on 10mg. Still had side effects from the 5, so I’m happy I started small. Nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up

  17. Yes I did, they both told me for my age they would recommend I stick with 10mg as it's the standard for my age and weight. I am really considering just taking 5mg and not upping the dose, but I have no idea how it will effect me.

  18. I've only had some of these brands but I'll give you my opinion.

  19. Would you happen to have a picture of the inside? It's hard to visualize what it will look like.

  20. You guys are wrong, these are indeed a licensed brand from Michigan. (License # PR-000017) They are for sale in many dispensaries in Michigan. They previously failed testing in the past, so may not be the best brand to get, however I have heard no negative news about them in at least the past year, and they are required by state law to test for pesticides, heavy metals, vitamin E, and more.

  21. I am graduating next month. Will I be able to qualify for unemployed, even though the last time I worked was almost a year ago? I will likely not be able to find a full time job until carnivorous goes away, and who knows how long that will take. I was a dependent during 2019, so I won't be getting anything from the government even though most people will be getting around $1,200. Is there anything at all I can do to get some financial support from the government?

  22. It was S/M I think? Which means not for me, but someone swooped him super fast lol

  23. No need to apologise! I think it might GITD but I guess you never know until you get it :P

  24. Haha, second toy from them, so I'll make sure it gets good usage. Do you know what GITD colors they have, and what they look like? I think I remember seeing a post before but I can't find it now. I figured that GITD or not it will make a good toy. My fear is that only one of the colors will glow and the other won't.

  25. I've seen lots of cool stuff from Taobao. How did you actually end up ordering from there? I was looking into it, but it seems you need a drop shipper and translator.

  26. Haha hope you find it. Thats a mighty cute boy on the pillowcase though.

  27. This is incorrect, you get a full size bottle with a cumtube purchase.

  28. Well i'd imagine if i were to attempt to use it id like D I E so overall i can call this whole experience a colossal waste of money. Although it was funny for like two hours and then i realized what i had just done...

  29. Haha yes, but now you have a lovely decorate piece. As a guy, I would recommend a small. Small is alot bigger then you would think a small dildo would be.

  30. As long as you are in the United States, they are legally required to ensure that your item arrives. Pay for your order with a credit card. If you order doesn't arrive, your credit card will ensure you 100% that you will be refunded if it doesn't arrive. The chances of any issues are very slim, but if it does happen, it would be expected of Bad Dragon to resolve the situation, otherwise your credit card company will step in for you.

  31. Wow that is an absolute unit. I hope an absolute unit doesn't break it.

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