1. Good morning sexy! If I found you under my tree on Christmas morning I'd be one happy lady 😉

  2. I couldn’t imagine waking up and seeing that next to me

  3. You'd be even more twisted up in the covers if I had been there... 😏

  4. Always one of the best! You continue to make my day when I’m on here…happy Monday!

  5. Always ready to give you the shots you need sexy😏🔥

  6. Morning sexy, thanks. What do you love about it?

  7. Hehe ok and how about I whisper teasing things into your ear in my accent while I massage your tense shoulders?

  8. You look so wonderful! Having you curled up against me would be heavenly 🥰

  9. Trifecta! Waiting for a rainy day. I have the perfect book and of course, hot coffee. Jealous…😊

  10. Thank you beautiful. Hope you have a great day

  11. I love the feeling of being home after going away! Nothing better than waking up in ones own bed 😊

  12. Ikr?!? Second-best feeling in the morning 🥰🥰

  13. Sure…but we’ll need a lengthy sample size, at least a month, to ensure accurate results. 😏😈

  14. Luckily for you your boobs are more than enough of a distraction for me to decide if I should go full British and be insulted by the tea thing 😉😅

  15. Where was my invite? I'd be removing them fully!! Then the real fun can begin 😈😈

  16. You have a standing invitation! 😘And i would wait for you to finish taking them off… 😉😏

  17. Don't worry they'd coming off so fast. I'd probably rip them off 😈

  18. Good, i’m glad! 😘 How about i pour you a cup of coffee while you take over holding me? 😉😏

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