1. Well, it's what you DID say. Like there's zero ambiguity here.

  2. Translation: ten movies that weren't ideologically compliant enough.

  3. Obviously, no quantifiable evidence of harm is offered.

  4. Have they been given access to the backend? Or are they receiving pictures from Twitter employees so they can show this stuff to the public?

  5. Interesting. I would hope Elon has some way to keep some oversight here to prevent abuse. But I did not know this.

  6. Yeah my fucking address is in my twitter DMs, I don't want journos to have that!

  7. Okay, so? The normal formula for movies is that the marketing budget is roughly equal to the production budget, plus theaters take a cut. So rough guesstimate is usually a film has to make at least twice its production budget, usually more like 2.5, to break even. That's why Black Adam made $384m against a $200m-ish production budget and still lost Warner like $100m and caused them to freak out.

  8. Glad Elden Ring won. Dual wield lightsaber combat better be fully allowed in Jedi Survivor, not just a few special moves like the last game. That rabbi kid getting arrested is super unfair when Will Smith wasn't.

  9. That kid getting arrested when Will Smith ASSAULTED SOMEONE in the same circumstance and wasn't arrested is a ridiculously two tier justice system.

  10. While this is kinda funny, I just have to ask...what is supposed to be her actual characterization and personality, beyond "whatever the plot needs it to be"? Because she's previously been depicted as this impatient, fairly humorless person one would expect would find constantly singing people annoying to the point of photon blasting someone to shut them up, not marrying them.

  11. By definition a fictional character cannot be greater than God in terms of power but yes good point

  12. I don't know why people are downvoting you. It's true. God's omnipotence ostensibly extends to the real world. Taking this literally it means that it also extends to all human creations, including all works of fiction. In fact, taking God's canon powerset literally, the existence of all fiction is because of intellect and free will that He gifted to humanity. Also, don't undervalue the power that comes from the fact He is believed in by billions of people, a disturbing number of whom are willing to kill in the real world in His name.

  13. “A god is a type of being” it’s just a name, a title. It doesn’t mean anything in a cross verse discussion. This is fodder logic.

  14. “It’s also a species” That doesn’t mean that it will work on beings from another verse. It’s garbage logic.

  15. I fucking showed you Darkseid saying that's his Godhead form. He cannot normally enter 3D space like that, he's only been able to do so in Final Crisis and Infinite Frontier.

  16. Great Protector. Vhagar is a somewhat plausible animal, the Great Protector has scales equivalent to vibranium and magic.

  17. Wasn't a problem for him in BvS, just needed some sunlight to recharge.

  18. SADLY, Netflix Wednesday is rather underpowered and seems to be missing that trademark Addams durability. No chugging cyanide or walking off grenades to the face this time, a simple knife in the gut can bring her down...which honestly I considered the biggest letdown of an otherwise top notch series.

  19. They've been in a few rapier duels, but most of their feats are their survival of the insane things they do to each other and themselves FOR FUN.

  20. As powerful as these characters are, there's just too much hax in 40k. They'd cause a major disaster but eventually get picked off by the big factions.

  21. Cell juniors are as strong as a SSJ and can survive in a vacuum. They literally would conquer the galaxy.

  22. Until they get existence erased by the Emperor, driven mad by Chaos, black holed by a grav shell, caught in a supernova the necrons set off, virus bombed, mind controlled by psykers, possessed by daemons, etc etc etc.

  23. I find vs battles to be very good for calcs, but anything that isn't pure math their interpretations are usually garbage and there's no consistent methodology beyond their mods' biased whims. If there's a death battle episode featuring the character you're interested in, you can often find good calcs there too.

  24. No idea who would win, but I would love to see this fight. Beers would try and fail to pick up Mjolnir, then try to destroy it with no success. The fight would end with Whis picking up the hammer, proving he with worthy and they have no reason to fight. They all end up on Asgard eating and drinking untill they pass out.

  25. IS Whis worthy? One of the qualifications is a king's resolve, and Whis exists to serve, not to lead.

  26. I feel Odin could temporarily absorb Thor’s power, then literally consume Beeru and then take down Whis and when everything is said and done reach into Valhalla and pull Thor’s soul out and reconstitute Thor’s essence.

  27. So here's a thought: maybe DC films would be doing better if they didn't completely scrap everything, redo all their plans, and start from scratch without actually starting from scratch every time a movie didn't get the numbers they hoped for.

  28. DC wouldn't be DC if they didn't fail to establish a workable continuity then reboot the entire universe every few years.

  29. That's new though. They went nearly 30 years without a full reboot between COIE and Flashpoint. Now they basically reboot every two years, it's insane.

  30. Are we assuming that this workout has its normal real world effect for this person, or works the way it does for Saitama?

  31. I suppose the key question would be...did Walter White cook this meth? Because if Walter White cooked it, it's definitely stronger than the dark side.

  32. How many times are you gonna spam this fucking bullshit trying to get us mad about this?

  33. Dr. Doom has wielded the hammer, actually.

  34. A version of Dr. Doom that was purified of all evil has wielded the hammer. That's not remotely the same thing, he was actually worthy.

  35. My favorite was an issue of Hulk ended with Hulk raising Mjolnir and screaming "HULK! WORTHY!" then the next issue he was just holding the handle while Thor was summoning it. Many a jimmies got rustled that day, let me tell you.

  36. I mean, it's possible there could be a situation in which Hulk does in fact become worthy. But that's satisfying the conditions of the enchantment, not being strong enough to ignore it.

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