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  1. I would go for a longer flowy dress! Side note when I had my brace I wore it with a long dress with the slit perfectly exposing the entire brace😂 would not recommend. Good luck with recovery! Those braces are the worst

  2. Well obviously don’t wear something too dressy, try to pick maybe a nice light floral, not too casual, but given the situation you have a lot of leeway!

  3. Ok thank you!!! I think I’m overthinking it because it’s my male friend, rather than a female friend. In that situation I wouldn’t worry because I’d just ask what SHE wanted!

  4. IMHO Wingspan has an amazing rule book, appendix, AND a whole sample mini game that walks you through HOW to play BY playing. It’s brilliant.

  5. Great update on AirBnB and congratulations on life update!

  6. If AirBnB cared about what was allowed and what wasn't, then people wouldn't hate them so much.

  7. It took me deciding to divorce my ex and meeting with an attorney to even realize I was being abused. When it's not overt physical abuse.... Things are so muddy. The lawyer I met with was like "hey so just for the record and my documentation, can you fill out this domestic abuse questionnaire?" And when I filled it out I had something like 50/75 of the criteria points.

  8. I'm not convinced final four fire is here forever. It's getting gamed by the players anyway, and hasn't really produced the dramatic moments that it has meant to. In fact, it has blown up in their faces more than once and it has produced the most ridiculous winner in the show's history (Chris U.).

  9. Jesse’s final fire was one of the most dramatic moments I can remember so I disagree with you here aboit not producing dramatic moments

  10. I love these a ton, but I wanna say a special thank you for including Keith in this one. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get a mention of his passing on the show, so this is a wonderful little tribute.

  11. SO cute!!! My 2.5 year old nephew came to visit me during the first week post op when I was still laid up in bed. I'm 4 months PO now and walking around again but he still sometimes asks me "how your knee?" Adorable!

  12. Awwwww! So sweet! This kiddo (my youngest) was at my first appointment where I was fitted for the brace (which is how it got the name “robot leg”) and after I was done he said “my turn!” And tried to hop up on the exam table 🤣

  13. I remember Sia money being announced on the reunion show but not a fan fave.

  14. Survivor USED to give a fan fav prize Sia giving $ corresponded with that ending Thus, the comment.

  15. Honestly I think the pre quad work helps hugely. At least that is what my PT told me! I’m recovering v quickly and she said it’s because I had v strong quads

  16. The Hilltowns (Chester, Russell, Huntington, Middlefield, etal) are relatively moderately priced and rural. Plenty of people here commute to Springfield, Amherst, Northampton, Westfield.

  17. Still going! Hearing date on July 26! I should post an update I guess? But not much interesting news 😂

  18. I’m surprised. V&A has always been up on the top of my list. Always a fantastic experience, probably my second favorite behind blue hills at stone barns. And for all people saying food quality at Disney declining, sure, but that’s not the case here. The last time I went this year was probably the best it’s been, food wise.

  19. Here’s the wild thing - I actually think that this (at least part of this) IS what adoption should look like - and the only way it can look. When parents say “I wasn’t meant to parent” and then the child is adopted by one of the millions of people who WANT to adopt a child. I say this as someone who was a foster mom and wanted to adopt but the system is so horrible that people who do not deserve to have their kids taken away - have their kids taken away. Meanwhile the stigma that everyone is supposed to just “push through” even if they are a crazy shitty parent to their kid, keeps hundreds of thousands of kids growing up to be abused, abandoned or neglected.

  20. I mean even if something is wrong, will Airbnb give a crap? I feel like it all depends on what customer service person you get and what particular version of the policy manual they’re working with.

  21. It’s ok to need a break—on both ends (parent and child). Especially if there are some major breakdowns in communication. Do you have a trusted family member or friend who would let the kids stay with them for a little while? Even if it is one of the child’s friends where you trust the parents—let them stay there for a little while. It sounds like they need to get away from whatever situation is going on there.

  22. This. The blaming kid for marriage did it for me. The mindset is the problem here and I’m sure the kids have felt it their whole lives.

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