1. That’s an ANY/A that’s tailored to bring me sorrow. I prefer an ANY/A Tailored-Joy

  2. One of the clear examples where Ballard’s high character emphasis has paid off imo

  3. Really really focus on your positioning. The best thing you can be in Overwatch is alive.

  4. Wait so is it a rook sac to cut off the Queen? That’s crazy

  5. Hey NYXL, I'm a woman and hit diamond in team deadmatch once. My DM's are open.

  6. It was team deathmatch, but you were killing it so hard they changed it to team deadmatch

  7. EXACTLY, annoying ass fans. Winning against the eagles is only hurting us they’d be 9-2 and would easily make their way into the playoffs.

  8. Ah yes, those annoying ass Colts fans who checks notes want the Colts to win

  9. Every time I see their name I think I’m on the Marble League sub

  10. I know that people care about draft rankings. I get it. It’s important.

  11. I really wanna know from Colts fans about Quenton Nelson this year. There’s a NFL TIkToKer i follow who’s said he’s taken a step back and obviously I don’t religiously watch other teams interior OL players but wanted to know if that was true on Nelson

  12. Whole line has been bad. Just plain bad. Especially Matt Pryor and Ryan Kelly, the other guys in the interior with Nelson. Q himself has been mediocre. Has unfortunately had some standout poor moments (just like the rest of the line). Hard to tell sometimes what is on him and what isn’t, but he’s certainly been very underwhelming.

  13. I wonder if he means competition-wise because there are so many egregious things that happen off the field each and every week.

  14. McLeod played with Reich in Philly so that makes sense

  15. Ok but like imagine if we beat the Raiders after all this shit

  16. 2020 finals to me was really great. Two teams with completely different narratives, and honestly hero and role strength was relatively even outside of Roadhog, literally all 6 people besides maybe the Mercy could impact the game in a huge way but not being so frag-dependent as to make teamwork useless. I’m biased as someone who played off tank but it was a really under appreciated meta that was massively better than double shield especially as a viewing product

  17. People don’t remember how hard Moth diffed Tobi in the 2020 finals. One of the many unheralded Main Support Diffs, mercy definitely had an impact on that game.

  18. We've lost all but one toss, and for some fresh fuckery we opted to receive that game. I'm convinced that's somehow part of the curse.

  19. You’ve included Patmon twice at that point. Fernea makes 6

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