Ian Rapoport The #Ravens and OC Greg Roman are parting ways after an impressive run, per me and @MikeGarafolo:

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  1. Yes. You are the only one pissed off about this. There’s so many ways that sci-fi writers ask you the reader to suspend your belief that may be a little hard to swallow such that this item falls to item 1001 on a 1000 item list.

  2. How did we get something so heavy that high up in the building??

  3. I literally just bought the LG C2 42” myself and absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  4. If work lays him off, those babies stay with the company

  5. I will totally accept any comments describing this as "playing on Easy mode" bc imo it is.

  6. Just turn the pollution bias to zero. That’s what I am doing in my 3rd play through. First two were in peaceful mode. Now the buyers evolve but leave me alone.

  7. I wouldn't be opposed to banning all JLC "content" from this sub. Total trash and offers no insight at all.

  8. I’m always against banning people regardless of how awful they are, unless and until they break the law. Then ban away!

  9. How do I set this up? My keyboard is a Corsair strafe. I can CI figure it for games manually. I never knew there was an automated configuration

  10. And a new front for the vi/emacs wars opens! vi is king! Long live NeoVim!

  11. There’s a lot of ways to skin this cat. You can watch some tutorial videos on YouTube that help bootstrap you through the first several stages of the game. There’s Reddit pages full of answers.

  12. Ha! I used to have an S-Class Venator, but I never cared much for the look. So, a year or two ago, I made the switch to an S-Class Sentinel ship I found on NMSCE. Had the EXACT look I wanted. Spent countless hours maxing out the storage and stats. And so help me, if I hit that antenna one more damn time, I'm just going to buy whatever freighter is closest. :P

  13. You just need some agile ships. I up the maneuverability of all my ships to max, including haulers and just duck to the right upon leaving the hangar.

  14. Eh not really. I mean I won't die on the hill that he never takes big hits or hits he shouldn't take, but his are usually lowering his shoulder on a sideline scramble or something more innocuous. He's not diving head first into defensive linemen and trying to pick fights after the play.

  15. Allen is way bigger than Lamar and can take bigger hits. But tbh, I wouldn’t want either of them to take the hits Allen takes.

  16. Based on? This last season the Bucs were bad all around. The two years before their offense was top 5 and Leftwich was a big HC candidate.

  17. Watching the Bucs close and personal down here, I can tell when Leftwich is calling the plays or Brady is doing his own thing. Trust me, Leftwich is a downgrade from Roman

  18. I truly hesitate to do this, but it is too relevant… please don’t downvote me too much 😳

  19. I thought LJ carried the extra weight well this year. He hit a top speed of 20.48 on his 79 yard run against the Dolphins and I think his career high is 21.01.

  20. There’s top speed and there’s quickness. And there’s also agility, the ability to stop on a dime and change direction. I think his top speed is the same. But there’s no doubt his ability to move around in the pocket and evade tackles diminished this year. The leading theory is the extra weight.

  21. Same. I initially set up my gaming PC with a Windows Home licence. And then had a disaster that meant a clean reinstall. Which I did with Windows Pro, figuring I'd just pay the upgrade price. Got everything working again, but can't find an upgrade price anywhere. So 'Activate Windows' is my life now. Can't be bothered to uninstall and set up again. Not paying full price.

  22. Just curious. Why don’t you want to pay full price. Is your ban on paying full price exclusive to windows licenses, or other licenses and apps too?

  23. I already paid for a Home edition. There should be an upgrade path from Home to Pro that leaves me with one Pro licence and only paying the difference between the two. There isn't such a pathway and I don't want to pay for two licences for one machine. Is that clearer?

  24. How dare you insult this subreddit with such a question???

  25. Oh silly me, you're absolutely right. Now I need to learn Kubernetes, Ceph, and get some castoff Dell Wyse 5070's for extra nodes!

  26. Ok stop, please. I love the spidertron but I have SERIOUS arachnophobia!!!!

  27. a good addition to SE is also Krastorio2. SE is for stuff beyond rocket launch, K2 expands everything before it.

  28. I am still trying to master the factory itself. I have to turn off biters in the beginning because I cannot get to a point fast enough to survive biter attacks until mid-game.

  29. if you have problems with them, I recommend to turn off biter expansion and make them a bit less common maybe. just for the first game(s).

  30. Yup. I will keep practicing my early game until I feel confident and comfortable turning them on agaib

  31. Path of Exile has me clocking around 15k hours now.

  32. I have spent sooo many hours ~6000 in PoE. And gibs and gobs if money in the cosmetic ms and supporter packs over the years.

  33. Glad you are so supportive of your child. Not every child has that as some of the posts here indicate.

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