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[MEGATHREAD] The Ethereum Merge

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  1. They were stabbed to death, so if your goal was some gun rights comment, you are wrong, and if it wasn't, that's just an ignorant remark.

  2. Those are back back paws of what is most easily described as a Carolina dog or an American Dingo. Basically a name given to a bunch of semi-feral mutts and farm dogs that have been copulating and running around fields in the southeast for a couple hundred years.

  3. Yaknow, not a fan of any political parties, but those folks are doing a exemplary job of making their party look like a load of goofballs.

  4. Yep, exactly what I was thinking. It's usually pretty up in the air whether I'm going to vote dem or independent, but stuff like this is exactly why I won't vote republican, even if I do agree with small govt. They are a cult of idiots and I'll never associate myself with them.

  5. Does anyone know how to contact the Emoji people. I need some emoji’s added. Primarily a Gundam suit with the ETH logo on its chest. Oh and a black and white Lion… a Pandalion!

  6. Probably grew up using CheatCCdotcom (am I showing my age here?) I would imagine.


  8. Can confirm, we do get weekends off. But you're all kinda cool and so we stay lurking anyways.

  9. Twitter sounded so inane when I first read about it.

  10. I'm against ads and am absolutely willing to pay for subscriptions so I don't have to see ads.

  11. I want to point out that this engine is being worked on. Think about that. If fan blades were hair, not even Rogain would help. We are looking at an aircraft engine being repaired after a complete failure. Aviation engineers, mechanics, and safety regulators deserve a free beer for that level of safety.

  12. I just weigh the roll when I open it. Then I subtract 1000g and use a paint marker to write the remainder on the spool.

  13. Yup. I'm also debating adding fiber everywhere, but I think ethernet will cover our needs. I'll probably have them route channels and we can pass fiber down the line.

  14. You could consider running cat 8 instead of fiber, cat 8 should be able to handle up to 40gbps and is a bit easier to deal with than fiber, though terminating cat 8 is harder than cat 6, I don't think its as annoying as terminating fiber.

  15. These transients are also a thing with the 3080 and above, and they fully expect the same with the 40 series. Steve from GamersNexus reported on it happening on various cards. Sudden unexplainable shutdowns, until they realized it was transients and the answer is supposedly power supplies that can handle the sudden loads but as you go with cards that have higher power consumption, the PSU you need gets ridiculous.

  16. Makes sense. I didn't catch that video. It hasn't been happening at all with the 3080ti, I've only had it for a couple months (basically when it dropped to the $1k mark), but the 2 6900xts I tried were causing shutdowns multiple times a day. Thankfully microcenter was pretty helpful with returns (all of this happened in a 3 week-ish period, lot of driving to and from microcenter lol).

  17. If you're curious about that video:

  18. I'm colorblind. I've never messed a single wire up in 7 years. Though getting into controls and dimly lit areas got tricky for a bit. That damn brown/green was difficult.

  19. If someone has 2 types of colorblindness they might not be able to see purple. A guy I used to work with was almost all the way color blind, brilliant dude, but I have no idea how he functioned in the world, impressive honestly

  20. commendations to the project but time it took to just open the settings, i think Android is going to be okay for a while .

  21. The phone was still starting up, to give it a little bit of credit

  22. If I was a mod I would also ban you just for being rude AF. You aren't trying to have any meaningful discussion, you are instigating an "us vs them" dynamic that isn't healthy, and are obviously not "independent"... You are just here to stir shit... And you're not even good at it.


  24. If you are a genesis depositor, you can post anonymously on Twitter (

  25. I stake a couple of tokens atom, xtz, ada they all get stay the token. How come to stake eth it has to become ETH2, steth, reth, beth, etc? Why can't it stay eth ? It feels more like a liquidity pool than staking

  26. It is still Eth. steth/reth/beth are all tokens given based on eth rewards from staking.

  27. Any news from the mainnet merge POAP for which we had to send $10?

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