1. Nope I have talked to some odias they leave in different districts I don't think so they will some anyways kidhar rakhna hai esplanade??

  2. I got a scar even though I look good without beard but I just dont want anyone to see my scar i just feel insecure about it.Anyways it depends on facial structure I would prefer who have a good jawline should not have beard

  3. Nope you need more money for that some times you can see a small dots which not visible also

  4. Ahh again I have faced this similar thing but if you didn't changed according to life you will face consequences like uncessary anxiety and depression I mean let's be honest what do consider more important friends or the satisfaction of achieving your goals

  5. Satisfaction of Achieving my goals would bring me happiness like no other. I would want it more than anything in my life. But while being in the process of Achieving your goals, ye sab bhi toh khayal aate hein na, ki zindagi chhut rahi he, sab aage badh rahe hein aur tum wahi ke wahi... bakwaas he Pata he but yeh feel toh horaha he

  6. How do you know wo aage badh rahe hain ?? I mean there are two types of people rat racers (who sacrifice all to achieve goals) and hedonism(who enjoy now and regret later) you have to follow the path which is called happiness like me I am alone completely studying for jee there is a mall called esplanade which is right infront of my house so I usually roam there have subway you can say (self love) after grinding in studies for hours you have to find a way like that.

  7. Privacy ka to Pata nahi mein mardunga Teri agar Hume research kei liye material provide nahi kiya to

  8. I mean I have never got dumped by anyone but it feel good when you see progress in your body

  9. Make yourself busy in something more important like career,studies,your own physique

  10. I have controlled nightmare sometime I wake up with fear then somehow I get the control of my nightmare then beat the living shit out of that creature that's the most badass thing to do

  11. Ye sb dekh chuka hun bhai. Sci-fi, suspence, thriller, wala kuch new hai to bta

  12. Jokes on you we will have a kid then they can't say no As no grandparents say no to his or her grandson and granddaughter

  13. Bhaiya ji, ek woman ko defend karne wali post ke comments main women objectification hi kar de rahe hain aap to. Fark kya hai is ladke m aur aapme jab dono hi woman ko human nahi maante?

  14. Normie hai kya reddit pei joke maar rha huun konsa mein khareed Inko dei rha huun subreddit ka naam padh aage kya hai.

  15. And she knowingly didn't made any food taki uski koi gand mardei absolute chadi 🗿

  16. Itna deep analysis nahi karna tha lol, btw happy cake day bro!!

  17. Thanks and I have done more research and results are pretty confusing and most reports are from west and east asia there is not enough study in south asia .

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