1. I believe you coulda woulda shoulda through PCS or Uni prior to the exchange listings...

  2. You coulda woulda shoulda though PCS runs on BSC but SHIB is ERC20 token.

  3. And I coulda woulda shulda used BEP20 tokens to swap for SHIB using PCS...

  4. If it is the same as Metamask you create a subwallet. To recover anyway from the new wallet you need a the second seeds phase.

  5. it is, I see, so I need both or just the 2nd / new seedphrase would be asked?

  6. Have been partying almost 20 years and had the opportunity to listen almost all top DJs except Prydz... actually I was at an event he was a headliner but he never showed up ๐Ÿ˜ญ Missed a train if I am not mistaken.... he is scared of flying. So yeah still on my bucket list.

  7. Prydz releases music under Pryda and Cirez D. Saw him last year for the first time and as a fan of house music, and his popular 2000s songs, I and wasn't particularly impressed - it's pretty dark, especially Cirez D.

  8. Nobody really knows how high. But I have heard it will go past its ATH or 2x 10x .... or the real bulls say high it will definitely 100x. Really depends on the percentage of shib that is burned on every transaction from shibarium. And I'm still waiting for that Information before I can try and realistically predict the price. Either way I suggest having the bare minimum of 100 million shib as a just incase. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. You lost me when mentioning ATH.... can't happen so soon

  10. Plenty of people. Even IF that were true, plenty of new goobers would invest in it. It happens all the time.

  11. I was thinking about institutional money won't see them in Lunc anymore.

  12. Did you really expect Shazam would found it? ๐Ÿ˜

  13. Something not released yet....that's the beauty of live shows.

  14. Polygon is a secondary scaling solution that is compatible with and complements the Ethereum blockchain. If the Ethereum platform experiences serious disruptions or ceases to exist, then Polygon would likely lose its value.

  15. You may trust the community but not the people behind the project as you would never know who they are my opinion.

  16. Kinda think the people behind the project listen to the community?

  17. Let's take politicians for example. We know who they are and they are taking care of their own interests can't imagine why unknown people wouldn't.

  18. Oh I see. Hereโ€™s my Trust Wallet address that I deposited my MATIC to: 0x3131A4749fC9c0EC42b65a7a87eC9D53015ed884

  19. You don't have any transaction on BSC you sent 9.9 MATIC to Polygon network. A Video how to add Polygon network to your trust wallet:

  20. You are welcome, next time double check everything selected before you press send button ๐Ÿ˜

  21. If you are a small fish better use cex I haven't lost any rewards since.

  22. Possible when BTC will be hovering to the next ATH but not gonna happen in 2023

  23. Honestly every number I don't have saved is a scam for me.

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