We gettin’ robbed in broad daylight

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  1. Customer support: are ya sure it’s plugged in? 😎

  2. Global is a decent option but you will take those same bad beats against rec players. They just don't know any better and will def win a % of the time with their runner runner straights etc.

  3. Most definitely. There’s a good amount of very questionable pre flop calls/ all in calls with nothing on flop. Maybe my 500$ max buy game means a lot to me but chump change to them. 🤙🏽

  4. Lol, it wasn’t rigged when you were sunrunning for 3 months, but it’s rigged when things go the opposite direction. Where does this lack of basic logic come from?

  5. I had my ups and downs in the 3 months. Nothing compared to what i would pull in Vegas if I had the chance/funds to stay more than 2 weeks at a time. But as stated in another comment. There are just bizarre hands way to often. I’ve definitely been on either side. But some of these all in calls with nothing and low cards but hitting runner runner for 400$ pots is fishy to me. Especially after calling 20$ ish pre blind with crap

  6. Instead of bitching at us take it up with the government. The game is called Texas hold ‘em and i can’t even play in Texas. Of course I’ll Be on the sites

  7. Stop talking out your ass and giving horrible advice. The IRS can subpoena any information they want from Bovada at any time. The Bitcoin blockchain can also be traced and linked to their owners. Do some research before talking like a moron

  8. What’s the song where they use the cod zombies lobby music? The creepy tune or is that just on lofi remixes? I hear it all the time

  9. Thank you for info! Definitely let you know how i Like the restaurant Viva Madrid

  10. Awesome link! Looking for personal experiences if would like to leave any suggestions 👀

  11. I'm not massively familiar but I'd estimate around £950 for the lot. Anyone more knowledgeable can correct me.

  12. Oh wow. I was offered a deal of $300USD for the lot

  13. most of those are $25. nero vegeta grandista is about $70 since it's used

  14. How did you buy that wearable? was it on a secondary like opensea?

  15. Yes on secondary’s. Open sea is one of them unless you decide to mint

  16. Please DM me and I’ll delegate to you. Thank you.

  17. ISO of delegator once again. 18k in earnings so far and will cover all losses as usual 🔥

  18. ISO new delegator now. Multiple top 5% performances

  19. Will be here 🔥 got a delegation last night after a long search

  20. Millions? Even though there are rarely more than 2,000 active users at a given time?

  21. Lmao exactly my words. F you decentraland till you stop screwing Americans out of 50 percent of our deposit with 💩 ethereum gas fees

  22. In Vegas at the casinos that fee be hitting hard af 💀💀💀(Around 15$)

  23. $ICE* Do DM me if willing to delegate for dedicated poker player. I’ve always said I wouldn’t return to online poker unless crypto was involved. Now is my chance 🙏🏻

  24. Please let me know if any extras willing to delegate. I stream mainly Xbox but just got my new setup. Willing to give back as I got 🙏🏻

  25. I am also looking for a delegate. I stream on twitch and am willing to give back earnings 🙏🏻

  26. I am also looking for a delegation 🙏🏻 will pay back 10% I stream as well Astrojenkins on Twitch

  27. Do you make other Simpsons collectible? Let’s make some deals 🙌🏼

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