A day in the life of a herd of around 60 guinea pigs

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A song about aluminum foil

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  1. Could be. Have you tried handling it to see if it’ll stain? Or is that what the brown discoloration on top of the mushroom is from?

  2. Hello, I’m learning. Is this a way to identify a possible alternative type of mushroom?

  3. This is incredible! Also, imaging that f-ing croc coming at you! I would absolutely mess myself! So scary!!

  4. I see more black on black violent crime than white on black. thats what I see anyway.

  5. Ok thank you for sharing your point of view. Only wanted to point out that it’s unfair to say “always” or “only” about any race or skin color. What’s the real issue? The crime or the color of the person who committed it? Keeping score only creates division among people and we are all human.

  6. True. Myself included at times I’m sure. It’s easy to lose sight during chaotic times ha. Love u all. 💫

  7. This is called the 'pseudopupil' - a passive optical phenomenon that has nothing to do with the visual process at all. Whatever the background colour of the eye, the region that images the observer must look dark because it absorbs photons from the observer's direction. The dark spot moves with the viewer because different parts of the eye image different directions in space. - Animal Eyes Michael F Land & Dan-Eric Nilsson

  8. Really like the flying squirrel posture and the bounce lol raccoons are so funny!!

  9. Still the master of parody. starts chant AL, AL!, AL!!

  10. Put it in an art sub. Cool, but not odd or terrifying.

  11. Ah the Obvious Twins. You know their father was a captain.

  12. Wow you one the chicken lottery! Got all your eggs in a row!! Boookkkk!!!!

  13. I’ve heard it’s hard and want to know if it’s worth getting

  14. It’s worth getting if you aren’t scared of how hard it is to learn.

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