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  1. You know what we should do is arm the underpaid teachers who’s responsibility this isn’t.

  2. Used to have a huge opossum living under our tub and it would scratch on the bottom any time we ran the water haha. Very familiar.

  3. You get a concussion! You get a concussion!! You get a concussion!!!

  4. Why are people putting the dollar sign after the number these days? Is this a new trend?

  5. Parking near Geodis can be tricky and you’ll probably end up having to walk some no matter what. Last time I went to a game we got to the area an hour early and I still ended up just paying to park within reasonable walking distance. I would recommend getting to the area even earlier and you may find free street parking. Enjoy the extra time to check out the stadium and beat the crowd.

  6. Wife falls down stairs, wanders outside where the intruders are…

  7. Taqueria El Dolar #2 on Nolensville. Cash only, food truck. Some of the best damn tacos in the city for a fraction of the price. Their pastor is -chefs kiss-

  8. I always look to see if the guy with the red Mitsubishi is working before I pull in- master chef. I was hitting the one on Gallatin every week but they started losing it.

  9. This is fucked up. Call the Scene, Tennesssean, Lookout, and Channels 4 and 5.

  10. I’ve always been told/read/been under the impression that giving perps like this news coverage only encourages more of the same by acting as sort of a reward or payoff for the offenders. It may be good for raising awareness in the community but we know historically that it usually only makes for exciting news, sometimes encourages more, needless to say cops still only show up after the fact. Why not organize a neighborhood watch, set up some trail cams, arm yourselves with less than lethal defenses and be ready, hell set up booby traps, or something?

  11. I have made a large number of targets so I feel I can advise you with a fair amount of certainty.

  12. Thanks for the reply and questions. This is made with mild steel. It will be set about 50 feet out with a berm about 10 feet tall right behind. Shooting 9mm and .40. 22 at distance. Again this is mild steel. Should I be worried about damaging the steel and creating an unsafe surface?

  13. Don't use mild steel. You will either punch through it which creates a hole with raised edges will will then cause the fragmentation from future shots to divert in wild directions, or you will crater it which will cause the frag from the shot to funnel out and directly back at you AND create raised edges and do the same as making a hole. Or it can do like others say.

  14. Awesome. Appreciate your advice. I’ll swap these plates for some hardened steel.

  15. The point of his photo in drag was to point out his hypocrisy. I don’t care what anyone wears, I care about what they promote and how other people are affected by it. Weak post.

  16. I’m sure there are many other reasons, but a large part of it was after the damage from the 2010 flood Nashville focused on marketing as a tourist destination to bring in new cash as part of the recovery.

  17. You’d think they would invest in our roads if half the tourism is rolling around on them.

  18. Mmm burnt coffee and a mess accompanied by power tool sounds.

  19. Unpopular opinion: Les Claypool’s style is obnoxious.

  20. Ok screen scrolling, holding two eggs at once and playing with blocks. Show us some practical applications.

  21. ~I don’t know about you guys but I’d much rather my kid see a giant hard cock than a man fully clothed in women’s attire.

  22. You are a karma seeking whore piece of shit. You are the reason the internet is fucked you controversy seeking irresponsible jackass.

  23. Hi mommy, I don’t think he needs any help. He seems to be thriving in a community that creates a space where all are welcome to laugh about life instead of getting upset with each other. Love you Jeans.

  24. They’re underground! Repeat they move underground! Get on the roof!!

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