1. Stuck to lexapro, didn't switch to Effexor, didn't up dose to 10mg, doing a lot better. Almost 100% back to my old self.

  2. One of the most fascinating-sounding titles ever, and locked behind a paywall :(

  3. He's incredibly full of shit a lot of the time. Just mentioning his name on

  4. Those plastic wheeled suitcases are not ‘carry on luggage’ seen like half a wardrobe size ones being rammed into the overhead lockers 🤦‍♂️

  5. Absolutely. I'd rather take a two day train trip than a four hour flight. And I have. It makes you appreciate the vastness of the world, it's not just "teleporting" to a new place.

  6. I dunno, it was interesting cos I haven't really seen homeless people before. Like, living on the streets homeless.

  7. Cars tend to "keep going" for quite a bit even after braking.

  8. It's about ten days wages for a general laborer in 1780. A teacher would make 20$ a month in 1796. A mason would make a dollar a day in 1780s.

  9. Cool I have that one from the time I visited Mongolia years ago! Not wonderfully pristine like this one of course...

  10. Hang on to it if it's from 2006. I can see it being hard to come by in another 20 or so years.

  11. Oh absolutely! Damn, too bad I'm at the office again, can't check what's the date of issue right now...

  12. I had to try the limits of my old car, a Volvo C30, may years ago, got it up to 182 km/h, 113 mph, (according to the GPS, 185 according to the speedometer) on a long stretch of highway. That was as fast as it went.

  13. The lesson behind this photo is that the guy with the widest pants gets the girl.

  14. Neuvosto-Virossa kasvaneena muistan venäjäksi dubatut laittomat VHS-kasetit, Rambot 1-3 ja Terminaattori taisi olla mun suosikit. Niitä kasettejä sit vaihdettiin perheiden kesken. Kaikki kasarihitit on käytännössä katottu dubattuina.

  15. Oon nähny tosta pätkiä, mut en oo koskaan kunnolla kattonu, hyvä ku muistutit!

  16. It's fate. Now you simply have to do it.

  17. Hi, thank you for your reply. Im not into old coins, i just wanted to help a friend who is trying for years to identify this coin... it was not clear to me that is machine made, my first guess was something older, roman or something. Should i post this in some other subreddit were i can get help?

  18. I drove a C30 for five years. Miss it terribly. I had the lowest spec engine, too, the 1.6, but didn't mind the lack of power. Could have been more economical though.

  19. Nolla euroa. Oon sillei oldschool että tuntuu hullulta maksaa subscription-based serveceistä.

  20. I do that every winter, not every week but maybe once a month. It's great to plunge into a hole in the ice after a good stint in the sauna.

  21. Käytännössä se sovellus hävitti itsekseen kirjautumisen enkä ole jaksanut edes kaivaa salasanaa ja kirjautua sinne uudestaan näiden palkintojen takia.

  22. Se joutuu "hävittää" sen itsekirjautumisen jonkun GDPR tai muun lain takia, kysyy tunnareita muistaakseni kerran muutamassa kuukaudessa tjsp.

  23. Ovat täys vitsi. Aiemmin sait bonarit rahana, nykyään tuotteina mitä et välttämättä tarvii. Katos täysin se insentiivi käyttää sitä äppiä, ku ne kupongitkin usein aika meh.

  24. YES! Searching it on Google I found

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