1. How much price action would we see even if it was 6-10mil shares shorted ?

  2. Can anyone source the "debunked on Twitter" line after the TDA not forcing shorts to close?


  4. It is impossible to know. We are not insiders. I expect MMAT to dump, but I have no idea if it'll be late Dec or January. I doubt it will be any sooner.

  5. Called Fidelity this morning - They have no intention to discontinue buying or selling.

  6. There are better platforms for active trading. Fidelity is big and slow, secure. That's why I keep my longs there. Options etc, I'm elsewhere.

  7. What do you mean by secure? How is it more secure than other platforms?

  8. This will not work. You'll need to wait until the price rises

  9. I also have my shares on fidelity and based on personal experience I don’t believe the sell limit is based on the average but rather the ask price. 500% seems accurate. There was one morning last week when the ask price during pre-market hours was around $30 and for that brief moment I was able to set a sell limit of $150… that was the max, I tried higher but it wouldn’t allow anything higher than the $150.

  10. I think HF’s and MM’s will short the shit out off MMAT and more to cover any losses with MMTLP. They might not be able to kick the CAN down the road any longer with MMTLP, but they can pillage MMAT. But…….Will their shorting be enough to combat the amount of buying pressure that we can potentially place on them by moving funds into MMAT after or during the final trading days of MMTLP. I’m a tin foil guy, but I really expected MMAT to be hammered today more than it was. I believe that with the amount of shares borrowed they will beat this event into the absolute dirt, knowing that in the end, they will have to pay out something. All we have to do is not sell. Follow the filings and the last approved form. All anyone has to remember is Dec 12. “There’s no place like home….there’s no place like home” home is December 12. Sorry. Tequila brings that stuff out of me.

  11. They will be down a ton of ammo after MMTLP. MMAT I'm sure will dump, maybe not until January, but i think if retail understands just how huge the MMTLP short squeeze is, MMTLP shorts are in for a blood bath and aren't going to be touching MMAT until it reaches astronomical prices

  12. This is very important- this is the minimum number of shares shorted.

  13. Why does it matter? People are selling for what they want, not because of short interest %

  14. People believe they can sell for 4 digits because of high short interest %

  15. Is there a free resource peasants can use to see this information?

  16. Fidelity Active Trader Pro is a program you can download to see it

  17. Realize more Aprn losses. Buy more MMTLP before buy button turned off

  18. They shut it off on T212 before I could buy a few days ago. Just buying MMAT instead

  19. Twitter went private and I did not sell my shares but etrade did bit of a different situation but maybe not there is a lot of shady shit going on right now so be careful and don't let them win

  20. This needs more upvotes - the rep who said this was confused because this is a similar sounding but different situation.

  21. I'm thinking this rep from TD (if it's real), has no clue what he is talking about.

  22. Thank you for reporting back. I will add this data point to my master post:

  23. No don’t, read the comments I think most are saying this is fud so i don’t think you should spread this information unless multiple people are saying the same thing. I’ve seen other brokers saying they have to close between 9-12 of December so this is an outlier at the moment so I wouldn’t spread this info yet

  24. Stupid question but what happens in real combat?

  25. That's not a stupid question. You damage your ears permanently. Even a shitty little pistol fired outdoors would cause permanent damage if you wore 0 protection.

  26. Probably could have worded that a bit better. It’s not amplified compared to the gunshot with no protection, but is much, much louder than when the gear is functioning/fitted properly. A few times when working with others at the range I found if I was turned slightly/offset that the shot was much louder than when directly behind or to the side. Generally if I was watching form and not watching down range.

  27. Yes so you're saying it is far less effective when not fitted properly

  28. I don't give a fuck how high this goes I'm not selling until the 9th

  29. This is good news right? It means they'll sell at market for you when it gets close.

  30. Not sure about that. Nextbridge is estimating value in the 60-70$ per share just for the oil and gas assets. Final day auto sales by fidelity could drive the price way down. Guess we'll just have to see what happens.

  31. Do you have a source for 60-70? Birdlady's estimate is $30-60

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