1. To your point (in from IL) most budtenders in Michigan I’ve dealt with aren’t friendly helpful and I’m pretty certain most of them don’t smoke. One chick I asked 3 different times what she would recommend and she just says “everything”.

  2. As someone who has worked in multiple Michigan dispensaries I can confirm I always had one or more coworkers who did not consume at all. A handful would only smoke prerolls and carts, and a good chunk of them couldn’t tell you anything about terpenes or the true differences between products. We unfortunately don’t require any experience, knowledge or real training to be a budtender and the pay reflects that which is why not many knowledgeable people actually work in the dispensaries.

  3. With all the stoners applying to be budtenders why are you hiring non users with no experience?

  4. I got a bunch of Rise Live Resin RSO from them for 12.50 each

  5. For Carts I Recommend Element, Cresco, and Light Sky Farms (All Legit Live Resin)

  6. For Carts I Recommend Element, Cresco, and Light Sky Farms (All Legit Live Resin)

  7. How does that little rig hit? It's got a sweet price and I would like to get something to travel with that doesn't have glass but hits better than a dab pen

  8. TC is a Sativa hybrid with an uplifting, energetic happy high. Not at all an Indica or what I’m looking for. But that’s 3 votes so far for Duct Tape, so that’s a good sign

  9. That means absolutely nothing other than it’s an all around great fucking high! 50/50 especially is going to effect people differently, I’ve had sativas that glue me to the couch, those labels don’t mean shit.

  10. No those percentages mean a lot I only buy strong Indica that causes couch lock it’s gotta be 80/20 or better preferably 90/10

  11. Definitely try some Light Sky Farms for live resin.

  12. There’s a lot of shifty dispensary owners, and all you buy are carts and rso, don’t be dumb.

  13. Because it’s a lot easier picking that shit out before you get there. I like to look at and smell the weed and concentrates before making a decision. I only use the menus to get an idea of what I want.

  14. You paid $3 for 78mg of almost-year-old expired edibles, you could get 200mg package of gummies on sale for $4-5 that aren't expired. Do you but that wasn't a very good deal even if they weren't old that just makes it even worse. Dispos shouldn't be selling almost year old expired edibles regardless.

  15. Fuck that nasty shit and fuck your copy and paste posts!

  16. For Carts I Recommend Element, Cresco, and Light Sky Farms (All Legit Live Resin)

  17. That’s why you always inspect everything in the parking lot before leaving

  18. Still, I could slip outside too. I wondering if it lingers on the cloths or fingers the same way smoking a bowl or, even worse, a joint does

  19. Terpeez makes a disposable that’s marketed as LR and it’s very very fruity like some of the drip carts if not more fruity than them. It’s definitely got a better high to it than the distillate carts. They’re $20 at information entropy in A2. Very good for discreet uses like that cause it smells like normal e liquid and it’s rechargeable

  20. I’ve heard a lot about stizzys and I think that’s going to be the next product to stock up on

  21. Im curious what is the best tasting distillate carts

  22. They all taste like Shit and burn your lungs from all the fake Shit they put in there!

  23. Hate to tell you homie 95% of live resin cartridges are 95% distillate and 5% live resin terps. CRA allows that they have it retested in the cartridge and call it live resin.

  24. You really do bring down the vibes in every post about live resin or distillate .

  25. No scientific research on the topic agrees with your anecdote. On molecular and genetic levels there is more variance within "indica" or "sativa" than there is between them. If you gave them the entire genomic map of a single cannabis plant no scientist could tell you if it was indica or sativa based on any single trait or umbrella of traits.

  26. I'ma clue you in on something, they're all hybrids and indica vs sativa means basically nothing in 2023. You can find an indica with a cerebral and uplifting high or you can find a sativa that gives you couch lock.

  27. Seriously if buying black market carts isn’t bad enough your doing it in a legal state as well????

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