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  1. Yeah, I saw it. It's in the snow, face-down.

  2. The man looks at the seventeen lit floor buttons, sighs, and says to the woman, “Mom, you really have to stop doing this. That nice lady almost got stuck with us.”

  3. (not just third sentence, good enough)

  4. why did I let out a little chuckle?

  5. the fucker joined a day after my birthday three years ago.

  6. I keep reading that tape is harmful, sorry.

  7. Depending on your size, we could give you an old binder. Aside from that, sports bras and compression tops can help with binding.

  8. First name - Daniel. Got it from an Elton John song titled Daniel. I actually realized Im trans while watching Rocketman (ikr wtf) because the actor gave me insane gender envy and I loved everything about it (the music and clothing) Idk but for some reason, seeing someone like that cracked my egg and I cried for like 2 hours afterward.

  9. Whoa! That's a really cool name. I agree with you on the gender envy part

  10. Yes! Absolutely, because I'm the same way! People have been recommending

  11. JupiterVA, EnvyVA, YUZUYA, Sieshy, Eiivory Ofiicial, King ASMR, Moonlight Haven, Isagani VA, Joe mama ASMR, Siren's son ASMR, TheShyone VA, and Parker Mae Audio are my faves M4M/M4A artists (:

  12. That's what I'm saying! It's funny

  13. Well, good day to you all! How is everyone?

  14. He needs to change his name, I refuse to claim this bitch. (I much prefer sharing a name with TheOrionSound)

  15. I saw a headstone that was done in Comic Sans the other day. Why would you choose that?

  16. my dumbass uses Comic Sans because it reminds me of my handwriting

  17. The movie Clue did something similar, it had different endings that were sent to different cinemas on different schedules, so people who saw the movie would see a different killer depending on when or where they saw the ye movie. So when people started talking to family and friends about the movie they got confused about what each other was talking about.

  18. why is the Aflac mascot there??

  19. I knew this was Calvin and Hobbes as I have an entire collection and read it rather frequently

  20. Feels generally well-written, and the rhyme scheme certainly worked well with this. Also good at capturing the personalities of the characters!

  21. Thanks, and honestly my only explanation for that is that I was super out of it today.

  22. Oh I thought it was when you use brackets and a capital Y to try to make pornography out of text. Like when people write 80085 on a calculator.

  23. I sometimes just write 5318008 and flip it to make my sibling laugh. Good thought process, haha

  24. hi! favorite doki? I love Sayori

  25. Okay, but what would his Ultimate talent be? Also yes

  26. it took me a little while and little bit of description of the show to understand what the hell she was talking about, granted this took place right after the show came out 😂

  27. Oh boy, love me some heart porn! (nah, it's the best thing ever after a long day)

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