1. This guy from theskiing trying to tell me it's not a scam and it's all the other fake accounts that are lol

  2. Be careful. Do not do the same foolish mistake i did. So glad you found this post!

  3. Impossible. The moon exists. Going to the moon is the only way. I look at the moon every day before I look at my portfolio.

  4. FTX. All the celebrities love it. If you can wait, next week I will have some Gozo Dinari and some Comino Florins.


  6. X nista naghmel jekk it-tfajla thobb lil harry styles wisq?

  7. Ninnormalizzaw li naghmlu is sess bil wintermoods fl isfond

  8. "In this age of misinformation "fake news" conspiracy theories, Twitter trolls, and deepfakes-gaslighting has emerged as a word for our time." Merriam-Webster said.

  9. Why not use Spotify so you wont have to listen to commercials every 2 minutes?

  10. Free Spotify users would disagree with you. Their commercials are a p.i.t.a

  11. I suggest that if you have VPN, change to a different country, you still get commercials but they're in that country's language, and so less intrusive. 😉

  12. That’s even worse!! I just close the app and get back to it 🤫

  13. Croc is alive and charged with terrorism. He’s now serving a life sentence in Guantanamo Bay

  14. YTA. Big time. Annoying too, cant believe you sassed him over some snacks. Id dump your ass on the spot if you do that shit around me

  15. And im sure the cashier was being sarcastic in a jokingly manner, way to be put it “she agreed with you” lol people like you make me angry

  16. Im on episode 3. It’s sad how the market is manipulated

  17. Malta. My country🇲🇹 beautiful views of the historical Grand Harbour

  18. Brother is working the day shift in a production factory

  19. Ghandi full time ukoll. Part time hekk insib apparti

  20. Thanks so much. My fave perfume is dior and my favorite oud is a brand called brown orchid. I do this I literally spray it behind the ears, wrists and my headscarf too but I still don’t have that “approach a room and everyone can smell you” presence. Is there a brand or souq that’s particularly effective?

  21. I refer to fragrantica reviews before buying - make sure the sillage (lasting power) rating is high.

  22. There are plenty of tricks to make your perfumes last longer on you. For starters you can apply vaseline or any other smell free lube on the points ur applying, ideally behind ears and pulse point. Neck area too.

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