A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. Polandddd, Polska gurom!! Lets hope it will be an interesting game for all

  2. Poland but I know they're gonna lose lol, it was nice while it lasted

  3. You never know, we'll see we'll see

  4. dying? titanfall 2’s dead. the publishers all but pulled the plug and the community servers have been the only consistent way to play it. tf2 is dead and i think it’s time we all accept that

  5. Game? Yes, dead. But the community? Still kicking.

  6. All things considered it's not too difficult, but there is a steep learning curve. There are however some basic things that you can do to make it easier (remap controls, use some specific setups, use a UNAC when possible to help in missions, etc.). The single player is decent and there is some stuff to do after beating the last level, but a good chunk of the game is multiplayer based.

  7. Im kinda interested in multiplayer, though i don't know if there are enough people who still play

  8. There aren't alot, but there is a discord with group of folks who still play (On the far right bar of the AC reddit when you are on the main page). You can hit them up and if anyone is available they can jump on. I've recently dusted off my PS3 to take some screenshots of my AC, so I could jump on if you need help or just want to try stuff out.

  9. Thanks, I'll check out the discord

  10. I know, if she didn't have a boyfriend and people around her, he would definitely do something.

  11. I know this is serious but your sister now has an imperial guard which is kinda funny to think about, i hope no one gets hurt

  12. i have a feeling she has a russian accent

  13. I find it funny how some poeple think its real

  14. With a heavy russian accent to boot

  15. Ohhh, yeah i should do that. Thanks

  16. man and MAN kill other men with MEN to stop a death star

  17. JJ tweeted about a bad batch

  18. Who the fuck opens from the bottom?!

  19. You just unearthed a dark power you shouldn't have touched

  20. Can someone fill me in on whats going on?

  21. There was the weigh in for the misfits 003 card, and once it was all done the guy named “Dillion dannis” and ksi have been having beef for a while but Dillion has been a pussy since the build up, Dillon got into ksi’s face, punched him and threw his drink at him, then it started a brawl, Anthony Taylor (the guy that punched Dillion) went out to go after him, so then yeah….maybe their be a future fight of ksi and Dillion 😂

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