1. We call switches like this at my school “draft picks” and work out deals like it’s a NBA or NFL trade.

  2. I'm dead. Lmao 🤣 We've called new students enrolled after the beginning of the year or if we ever had to switch students "bonus round draft pick " kids. I mean that in a loving way of course! Lol

  3. I heard this one this week as I try to organize and declutter: You can't buy your way to clean. Me: 😭 ok... but 😭 lol

  4. There's a top 20 list of things to buy on Amazon with an oversized robe- it is super comfy and affordable!!! It's kind of waffle-knit and long, I'll try to link it, but it's in the list of top things to get!

  5. Thanks, I’ll look, the waffle knit one I wanted is waaayyy to much to be spending on a robe

  6. I never used sick days. Then I had twins in 2020. Now I use them up about midway through the year. If they’re sick, I have to take a day.

  7. ALL OF THEM! Kids change everything! My mental health is much more important than them not having subs, let alone subs to cover my kids! I have even gone over the 10-12 sick days a year plus 2 personal days. Most districts allow you to borrow up to 5 days for a necessary Illness or circumstance, etc... I know some teachers never take a day, and some who take all of them... I think all of us feel some level of guilt, or know that feeling. I'm over it, if I can't be there because I don't feel well, I definitely can't handle my students or the behaviors for the day. Nope 👎

  8. These are my favorite in the program! Specifically the Purple Urkle! The effects are exactly what I need and the taste is amazing! The SDC is good, the PE is awesome, I love all of the disposables by Fire Rock/Pacific Gold

  9. This is how I feel. My husband and I are also child free by choice. I truly cannot take the overstimulation of teaching. Even when kids aren’t misbehaving it’s like they never stop talking - all of the noise at once is just a lot. They need a lot from you. I’m ready to move away from working with kids

  10. My favorite college professor used "childless by choice " at EKU in the 90's and I thought it was genius/hilarious! It was like an "ah-ha" moment for me... ah to be young again. I have a teenager myself but I will never forget Dr. Jones!

  11. My last school, a school for students with autism (using their scholarship) refused to send me the correct paperwork after I turned in the paperwork they (my HR) sent me and had my psychiatrist fill out! HR called me and said she wasn't sure my status on FMLA, but they were already short staffed... I got fired about a week later... for, wait for it: Performance! Dicks!

  12. Given that most principals were once teachers (that suffered from sudden illness as well) when do you think that disconnect occurs?

  13. that is so wild to me. For the past week I had fever, chills, flu like symptoms and then had to get an asthma treatment at the ER because I still wheezing/rattling while breathing. No attitude or the expectation to come in at all. Then I came back to school for ONE DAY and got the stomach flu! Vomiting all night with a 102 fever. I told admin again I wouldn’t be able to make it and they were 100% understanding and supportive. I looked at the coverage schedule and there were NINETEEN teachers out today. My AP even told me “please just rest and get better, do not worry about school!”

  14. As an Intervention Specialist that has always with the students in behavior units or autism units, I've always wanted cameras and mics in my classroom! The first classroom I had with cameras was about 4 years ago. It was a brand new building and there were blind spots, but it was fine. My last school had mic'ed and camera'ed classes and hallways... we'd pull it up for debriefs after a student behavior, as needed to see where we could do better. Admin only pulled up cameras to see if people managing a behavior needed more support, or if the student was eloping and on the move, to avoid going hand-on, it was a very for them to monitor where the student was as staff trailed or had eyes on the student and wee giving space.

  15. Decorating my home office and virtual teaching!!! I suck at decorating and organizing, but I am loving the whole boho rainbow look! I'm lacking some motivation to finish the whole look, so any motivating playlists, send my way! 🙃

  16. I have. Several times. I was told that's just part of my job, because I teach sped. I hate this profession. I hate that I am too close to retirement to leave, yet still so far.

  17. Me, but as a special ed teacher, especially with my ED units or caseloads, I've even been told to "expect it." In a previous district I taught at, there was an assault leave polo, but if we took it, it was highly frowned upon.

  18. I used all my days for sanity purposes, and don't have insurance due to the immense cost of it through my school. I guess what I was looking for was just 'nobody is able to force you to work', maybe I just needed to hear that. Thank you for responding!

  19. I'm in Ohio, and I know districts CAN do something to your license (if you're already certified, at least), but I've always heard and experienced superintendents not taking any disciplinary action on a teacher who leaves before the end of the contract as they'd rather not have someone there who does not want to be there. This has solely been my experience, and have been let out of my contracts a few times (moving due to Army orders, higher paying job before school started and closer to home), without any penalties!!

  20. Wow that is so wonderful to hear. Well, lots of sad and horrible steps in between I'm very sorry about but I thank you for sharing, yours and everyone's stories really hell give me more strength! I'm ready to stop gaslighting myself and begin the next best path for me and my family ❤️

  21. And I would submit your letter of resignation to your HR department! You got this!!

  22. I teach Sped Compliance (in a graduate program) and case management for teachers adding an endorsement. I have to state right at the start that what I teach may conflict with what districts do. The amount of illegal IEPs and district policies are unbelievable. As part of my class I do a “they got sued so you don’t have to” presentation. Every case published by Department of Education.

  23. I love it! I I said before about common core- that isn't what should be common; it's our special education procedures and best practices! Our kids need the most support and consistency and our parents and guardians need us to advocate for them as much as we at for their child! Everything I have learned about special education law, I share with my families. The more you know...

  24. See, I feel like we all know that’s correct. But my district manipulates and threatens us, and exploits the fact that a lot of us don’t know the true extent of the law. This is why I’m trying to educate myself, so I can throw it all back in their face.

  25. The BEST thing you can do this is to empower your parents and families of your students with the resources to find this information as well, and let them know you are and will advocate for their child and you appreciate their support in doing the same! Sometimes (read: always) the parents have a "louder voice" than the teachers!!! Am I right?! Depends on your district and admin, of course! Xoxo

  26. I love it ALL! I probably prefer pens right now. But there's nothing like a big, fat j! And a B with the crew. None better!

  27. Especially when you consider the professional development in the form of college credit that’s required

  28. I'd totally send you one! Klutch has sent me stickers before in the mail for emailing them and including my mailing address in my email!!

  29. We played the go noodle videos on YouTube; my kids could choose the next one from the menu while they watched. They also liked one called "Heartbeat Meditation." Another one we followed was Move2Learn

  30. Check out the list of providers from Lifestance Ohio-Cincinnati! Their bios list their specialties and their ally status!

  31. Okay cool thank you. Btw I have been experimenting with different capsules available readily in the program. MUV has THC capsules either 10 to a pack for $12 or a bottle of 30 for $30. Extremely happy with this one it's got a kick like a mule lol I highly recommend trying this one. Also they come in different formulations such as 1:1 cbd and a few others.

  32. Edibles noting what strain was used (not just Indica/Sativa/Hybrid).

  33. Yeah! This! I have wondered why that is, but then I'm like well if they have literally all of the trim and kief from the whole crop... they just make salad lol sell it to us as edibles 🤷🏻‍♀️ I like trying them all

  34. Educator with experience in multiple districts that cross the range of "desirability".

  35. This can be from lack of adequate dental hygiene, or in some cases, a reaction to antibiotics can also discolor teeth. Over time, that, plus diet and dental hygiene, and anxiety about going to the dentist can lead to this.

  36. Me too, it no one has really asked me yet! I've been quiet while I got my home office ready! Good luck with your new adventure!

  37. This. I was beyond stressed before we even left the house in the morning, often yelling at my 14 year old so we wouldn't miss the bus. Rather, having such bad anxiety about my teaching job that it was screwing up my relationship with my son and my family... I got fired end of January, and although it's been tough emotionally, it's a blessing in disguise!!! Leave the job, family is more important! I already have a new job- virtual, making more money! Xoxo

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