1. I’m the opposite. My impulsivity practically forced me to own my mistakes, even if no one is aware of them. I’ve called attention to issues that would never have been scrutinized otherwise. It’s hard to tell what’s right in the moment. Sometimes it’s better just to step back and ponder what action to take instead of letting your anxiety dictate instead. Guaranteed it would’ve given you time to contemplate your actions, regardless if you decided to commit to the shady shit in the end. Slow down. It’s hard. But worth it.

  2. Same same same! I'm always first to tell on myself and for shit nobody would ever notice... impulse control or lack of is REAL. It's so hard to slow down and not say everything I think, but that's who I am! Lol OP- I think it sucks this happened, and I'm an Intervention Specialist and have never ever been in trouble at work... until my current employer. This is my second year and last year I was put on a coaching plan (which basically made me feel more pressure and stress, which is a whole different story) and micromanaged almost to death. I thought about not going back this year, but I "graduated " off my coaching plan and thought they'd be more supportive being that were a specialized school for individuals with autism and mental health needs... naw! They love to threaten me this year with the words "coaching plan!" So frustrating, I've just gotten FMLA paperwork from HR, because my psychiatrist told me to! I had covid and used all my sick days (all 5, fuckers -seriously) already for the whole school year. And then they wrote me up for missing days and not posting the best lesson plans that week, Take care of you- you come first!!!

  3. I actually had a similar situation several years ago, but it was MY DOCTOR (primary care physician, and he's the best) who , on an expiration date mishap, temporarily lost his prescribing privileges for controlled!!! I thought I was having an out of body experience when he told me at my visit, that he could no longer Rx my Adderall or klonopin because he'd lost his DEA license. Gasp. Sounded super fishy, but it was completely legit. He had a change in his assistant or the person who normally handled his license renewal, and he ended up being a day late and they suspended his license to prescribe. I'm in Ohio, for reference.

  4. I would advocate for yourself with a new doctor to get the treatment and medication you need and that works for you!

  5. I wouldn’t soak them - our pup chews and makes them soft with his dribble, it’s part of the fun and then he pulls bits off - that’s the part that can be dangerous (unless your pup is big, the danger is prob when it gets small enough to swallow.)

  6. Oof thanks for this! I was soaking some of the tougher rawhides I was giving one of my dachshunds to help her, but I didn't think of her getting pieces off easier and choking!

  7. From my teacher lens: do you know her learning style (auditory, visual, tactile)? I'm one of those ADHD-inattentive type people who literally can't remember anything unless it is written down! Maybe she needs a visual reminder of tech expectations?! Plus, kids love their tech.

  8. I would say try eating something if you can, do a chill activity or find a movie or whatever you normally do before bed. Throw on some 432 MHz music and eventually, you'll fall asleep! Hopefully! My Adderall does that to me too if I take a longer than a weekend off

  9. Some people literally only have ONE thought at a time. My mind pings around like Sonic and slows down a bit with medication. And music doesn’t constantly shuffle in their heads. I guess “normal” people don’t buffer either lol

  10. Can you write my principal a note and tell her this, please?! Lol but really though! Hmm some people don't get it...

  11. I’m so sorry. I think I usually receive it from Teva and they have been replaced by Rhodes.

  12. Mine too and I hate the Rhodes! It makes me sleepy. I asked the pharmacy, then had my psychiatrist appointment, and she was willing to change to Rx to two 10mg instead of one 20mg because that is what my pharmacy had in stock that isn't Rhodes. So frustrating. I haven't picked it up yet, but I have a feeling it's another bad generic. Meh

  13. Thank you for the advice! They make me sleepy and forgetful. I’ll ask right away.

  14. The pharmacist (the tech was super nice and having trouble himself getting the same medication and gave me the pro tip) was kind of meh , apathetic about it making me about suck my tongue off lol this happened one other time, but I was living and working in Kentucky at the time, and the pharmacist told me the saccharine as the binder in the generic was likely the cause of my headaches... switched back and I was fine... so for my body chemistry, the genetics definitely effect me differently! It should not be this hard to stay on our current med regimen. Best of luck to you!

  15. I have also been using MMJ and taking Cymbalta for depression for years without any issues. My doctor is supportive of me having my MMJ card!

  16. Awh fuck that sucks. Yeah they got me with the, you didn’t pay all fees after I paid 50$. So I sent 20$ more for shipping. Then it became “you didn’t hit the minimum requirement” and I realized it was sketch and just cut my losses.

  17. I like the Timeless vape carts- the ATF is fantastic, and the Sunset Sherbert gives me the giggles!

  18. I had a similar experience last month! My regular refill was called into my regular pharmacy on 10/5... I am Rx 20mg tablets twice a day, and 25mg extended release once a day. I kept checking the app and my "ready by" date kept getting pushed back. I read about the shortage, but once it was filled (10/28) and I picked it up, I was shocked. It was from a generic I've never heard of, Rhodes. Took my regular dose, nothing. I gave it a week, and I had gotten written up for not having my lesson plans uploaded by the deadline by the end of that week. I believe by not having it, or having a completely ineffective generic adderall was related to the shortage! This shouldn't even be a thing! I read the pandemic lead to an increase in ADHD diagnoses and then led to this shortage. What's worse is this new generic manufacturer! Anyone else have the same issue?

  19. See, i had something similar happen to me back in July/August when all of this started for me. Went to get my prescription, and the Walgreens gave me a completely different generic without warning me, and when i took it i felt literally nothing. Called for when my normal prescription would be in, and they got no idea so i sought after CVS to at least have peace of mind for when i could get my next prescription. After waffling with them for weeks, i’ve had the most luck pharmacy-hopping for my prescription and having my psychiatrist send it to a new place each time.

  20. Hello! It is beyond frustrating and interrupting our daily lives! My doc did send me in another XR prescription so I have something to get to work and not get written up (again). I have had docs in the past write everything for me with Adderall DAW, and my insurance will cover name brand... I'm banking on my next refill of 20mg tablets to be name brand and hopefully they're in stock!

  21. Yes. I can’t stand the breathing of my SO in bed. I just can’t sleep and get frustrated. I need ear plugs or white noise. It sucks and I wish I could just ignore sounds.

  22. Literally tell my husband I cover his face at night with a pillow when he's snoring. Bro. And once I find another place to get comfortable and try to fall asleep, he stops. Lol

  23. I'm curious, are you usually able to pinpoint the pain? I've always described it as my teeth or my gums that hurt, but I'm wondering if that's common, or if it's just kind of a nebulous pain.

  24. Oh, for me it's my entire solar plexus! All my muscles tighten and tense up. I curl my toes in. So random. Big facts.

  25. Definitely I do this! Ya never know man! If I forget to take my klonopin one day, or my Adderall... or Percocet- all Rx to me, hell yeah I hoard them!

  26. Making lists help me, even if I have several lists going at once. If I don't write it down, it never happened. I even write my student's daily blood glucose reading on my hand because from the office to my classroom, I'll forget a 2-3 digit-number. :( If anyone is talking, breathing, sniffling, reorganizing their desk materials, I can't focus- as an unmedicated and undiagnosed college student, I was a disaster. Once I was actually diagnosed during my weekly talk therapy sessions, started Adderall right away (started low and titrated slow), it was a life changing moment. My first thought when I was on proper medication (Adderall), was "damn, this is what it's like to feel normal; I see something that needs done and I do it right away, no 4 hours of research first?!" Hallelujah!!! I still struggle and have to compensate with executive functioning skills- making lists, repeated instructions (how embarrassing as a 44 year old teacher/woman/mom), extra time, etc.. just to move through my day.

  27. Hey! I’m in my 30s just did a career change and I’m currently finishing up a 4 year degree in elementary education. Doing my full time internship right now. This job is the most polarized adhd job I could imagine. It’s like… half of it is perfect for me/adhd and I love it. Constant stimulation, chats, meaning, creativity, structure, help kids with my empathy/sensitivity etc etc. But yeah. I’m sure you know exactly well what the struggles are. My memory is a goldfish too and so forth.

  28. I've been known to cover my badge lanyard with post-it's to remember things during the day. Yes- half perfect, half tornado here!

  29. If you can find a THC product of your choice- look for it to also have CBN in it! Or a CBD product with high CBN! Helps me with sleep!

  30. I got two of these 2.83s last week. You like it?! The smell is like the perfect balance of piney and skunky to me! I haven't tried it yet though!

  31. I take between 100-300 mg of Trazodone. It's an antidepressant that helps with falling asleep pretty quickly. I was totally skeptical, but if I take one and wind down for 30 minutes, and then lay down, I. Am. Out! If I take them too late, they do have some hang time in the morning!

  32. Woah, this seems really interesting, sadly it’s not a medication in Sweden also, but Ill see if I can get it somewhere!

  33. I was completely skeptical of this having sleeping effects on me... if I am laying down in that first hour of taking it, I do not even remember falling asleep. Sometimes staying asleep was an issue at the beginning. I hope you find something that works for ya!

  34. My bad I'm just getting this- we used to take a pinch of powder and drop it in a capful of regular bleach. Brown and down=cut

  35. I wish I could add a screenshot of my alarms for the morning. Ugh I sleep so deeply, I've already overslept 4 times this school year and been warned of a write up by my principal. Annoying.

  36. If you like flower, or Bud, I recommend a glass bowl. Do you have a grinder? It's a great tool for breaking up your flower without wasting any of the kief. Or, if you prefer, you can break the buds up with your hands just enough to make some smaller pieces.

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