1. PC offers infinite upgrade ability, a game library you'll never lose, massive multitasking capabilities, access to mods not usually on consoles which allow you to enjoy games for much much longer. I'd say get a PC unless you enjoy wasting money or refuse to put a little effort into the startup.

  2. If you're up, I don't see the problem. If you're losing 20 an hour to rake but making 50 because the players aren't good, 30 bucks an hour is fantastic to me. I'll take that every day of the week.

  3. Nice. Awesome group you're playing at too. Love that place.

  4. Thanks! We were thinking of Ark: Survival Evolved. 7 ways to die also looks interesting

  5. If you look past some bugs and junky stuff, it's one of the best games I've played. Thousand hours in this and still never really did much. It's a bit grindy at times if you're not playing a boosted server.

  6. Bunch of people in this chat are convinced the vaccine “doesn’t work” or “causes a million heart attacks”. Anyone care to provide any evidence of that?

  7. Go check out Bert Weinstein. He and his wife have a podcast called Dark Horse. He's appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast a few times as well. His language can sometimes be a little overwhelming if you're not familiar with the terminology, so be prepared to google some terms. There's a few other people I forget the name of that have appeared on Joe Rogan's podcasts but Bert is my personal favorite. He recently did another podcast with Joe Rogan, and it was mostly exactly about the "vaccine" side effects, covid-19 being likely human made, and not from bats like they say. He's a good listen even if it's not about Covid. He's a great speaker.

  8. Oh gosh, I've seen enough videos disproving things Weinstein says. Both the Weinstein brothers are morons. The best is when Eric is on Joe Rogan and talks about how he learned to play guitar.

  9. Let's go for a second down your theory and say even though he has a PhD in Evolutionary Biology he's a moron. Is Robert Malone, the creator of the mRNA vaccine technology, a moron as well? He backs up what Bert was saying. If he's a moron too, doesn't that make anyone taking the "vaccine" pretty moronic as well? I can't imagine it being a good idea to trust something a moron created.

  10. Following for help. My dog is doing the same thing, and the cat (2years old) seems to enjoy most of it (really loud purring), but sometimes it's clearly too much. The cat just refuses to stand up for himself. He hides his head in the corner of the couch or something and waits for us to remove him from the dogs mouth. I can see the dog is clearly just playing but he doesn't understand he's way bigger. I don't want an accident to happen and the cat get hurt.

  11. Yep same problem! How old is your dog? How long have you had your cat & dog together?

  12. Dog just turned 1 in December. They've been together since he was 3 months old. Pretty much since we brought him home, he's been doing this with the cat. No amount of training has worked with the cat abuse. He knows what he's not supposed to do. He'll stare at me and then do a drive by nip of the cats tail, the cat will paw at him playfully, and he'll stuff the cats head back in his mouth again. He doesn't bite hard but it's only a matter of time before something happens I'm sure.

  13. How are you personally? Life treating you alright?

  14. Reverse stock splits do not dilute shareholders' value. They simply change the dollar value of each share by removing a set amount of shares from the market. This is usually done to stay listed on the exchange as exchanges require the stock to trade above a certain dollar value per share. This also hinders retail's ability to purchase more whole shares on the market.

  15. Congrats man. Must feel pretty surreal right now. Get in touch with someone who can handle the tax situation from this and then DO NOT TAKE FINANCIAL ADVICE from anyone here. Good luck and keep on running good!

  16. Red at night, sailor's delight. Red in the morning, sailor's warning.

  17. Pokerbros is a good idea as well if you don't mind playing from your phone or an emulator. No need to worry about which state you're in and they have all stakes you can want. Soft tables too. Hmu if you need a place to play.

  18. I think we'll pass on CollusionBros

  19. If you pay attention to your table, you'll see when people are colluding. If you see it, get up. You can't get around collusion within any platform or format. That's poker and a risk of playing that we all face.

  20. Play on PokerBros. We got a 1.5/3 table that runs daily. Lemme know and I'll invite you.

  21. No straight, no flush, no set, no quads. Rip it and hope they fold or miss?

  22. Got a zotac 3070 twin edge when it first dropped from a scalper. Yea I know but I got tired of no lifing all the drops for weeks straight. Have had 0 issues and recommend the cards to anyone. Not sure what all the fuss was about but there's nothing wrong with my purchase.

  23. I've always heard at 100bb deep you're not supposed to fold AK. I'm a losing player though so don't take my advice. Lol

  24. Exactly this. Couldn't have said it any better.

  25. Pokerbros usually has the least skilled players if you can find an American game (Americans suck at poker now).

  26. Play poker on pokerbros or something like that. Only poker and no temptation for the pit games.

  27. If you can get on the pokerbros app in a smaller non union group, I'd suggest there. Super low level players. Trust me.

  28. You either gotta know him personally or know someone who knows him personally and trust that persons opinion and judge of character. These shady owners will do a pretty good job of leaving clues they're shady as well if you're looking. It's a lot of different things that add up to either this dude is not trustworthy or this dude is a good dude. Very rarely can you get one piece of evidence and solve the case ya know?

  29. Recall for sure. You'd never have to worry about your dog being in danger at that point.

  30. I've never heard of bots playing on pokerbros. People who have absolutely no idea how to play poker have a much easier time learning from their phone so sometimes the play can get weird but it's just because they suck or they are drunk in my experience. Pokerbros is legit as far as I've played. Never had any issues with the small groups. Unions are a totally different beast. The players in those cash games are usually complete killers so, if you find a union only play their mtts.

  31. Play somewhere online if you can. The volume will help your game tremendously.

  32. $0.10/$0.25 online is tougher than $1/$2 live.

  33. If it were me, I'd want to play the absolute lowest online stakes or find a good poker group on one of the apps. Those are very close to live style play and are just as soft. Just don't get into a union no matter what they tell you. Those are shark fests.

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