CS students showing how anyone can be misogynistic

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  1. I fucking loved Nomar Garciaparra because of Backyard Baseball.

  2. Kelenic is a monster in LF though. It’s just his AB that needs work

  3. 'needs work' is an understatement for the worst hitter in baseball for over a year.

  4. Dude's wasting absolutely no time in repping the Bay, I love him already

  5. About 45% are. The rest are real weirdos just playing army. Coincidentally, 99% of the crazy shit aggies do comes out of the corps. It attracts the most extreme of culty homers.

  6. So there's definitely some truth to what you're saying, but I want to clarify that there are a lot of reasons to be in the Corps even if you're not contracted:

  7. So even if every other series is a sweep, Seattle still gets an afternoon game on Sunday? That's kinda lame.

  8. I think it’s to give the Seahawks a definite time to work around since they’re moving their game from the usual 1:25 local time start.

  9. This makes sense, thanks. Still wish we would get one primetime game though.

  10. Rays for me. No question. Getting all of one run in two games (and then some) with your season on the line? Ugh.

  11. Honestly I agree with this. The Rays were definitely the most pathetic loss of them all, with a complete offensive collapse. Even the Blue Jays collapse can be blamed on a few bad pitchers and some shitty luck, but there's no excuse for the Rays ineptitude.

  12. The reason he only hit 45 HR is because he was walked so much. He had 232 total walks, resulting in just 373 AB for the season (on 617 PAs). His 8.3 AB/HR that year is a higher HR rate than Judge's 9.1 this season.

  13. Except for the fact that, you know, most advanced metrics still say Judge is more valuable than Ohtani. And your comment is a little ironic, considering Ohtani is the one doing the coolest old-school baseball thing.

  14. Here’s a GIF I made from the video. Shows the outline much better.

  15. This should go to the top. Sadly the ball was definitely foul.

  16. We will trade him straight across for Edwin Diaz

  17. I’m sorry man I still can’t get over how we put in our worst hitter for our hottest hitter

  18. We didn't. Santana replaced Kelenic, Haggerty was intentionally walked.

  19. I wonder how Mariners and Angels fans would feel about a Kelenic/Adell swap. Seems like both players would benefit from a change of scenery.

  20. That's a lot of ... bad trades by Dipoto. Even the "good" ones he made were pretty much a wash. Ty France was really the only one with lopsided value. But that doesn't offset the 6-8 others he made that were lopsided the other way.

  21. It's also a pretty one-dimensional way of looking at things. 15 WAR is from Chris Taylor, who wasn't doing anything with the Mariners. Not Dipoto's fault he suddenly got amazing in LA. And Zunino was similarly not really producing in Seattle then turned it up in TB. I think it speaks more for our coaching and training staff.

  22. This made me think. I know for example that the Cano trade was in huge part a salary dump. That definitely changes how you view the returns on them, right?

  23. Kinda, but we still expected Kelenic to perform better. He might still pan out but it's getting less likely with each trip to the minors.

  24. The Orioles will win the World Series this year and it's because of this comment.

  25. He should get more than he did with the Reds

  26. Calling it now, this will go down as one of the best acquisitions in team history.

  27. This hits two of Farhan's fetishes. Catchers and trading with the Mariners

  28. biez says:

    I was her too, around ten years earlier than you. I quit the field some time ago and went into a heavily female dominated one, for a bunch of other reasons.

  29. Even as a guy I have felt the same feeling of 'light as a feather'. I did wrestling in high school, which was only guys and veeery stereotypically male bullshit. Then I switched to cross country which was half girls and it just felt like a load was off my shoulders. So much less pressure and the general atmosphere was just more relaxed.

  30. Oh no, I'm 28 and already had the injury this year! 🥲

  31. How the hell is Scanlan's song about Vox Machina not a commercial?? Lol

  32. Im surprised no ones talking about AZULA being the perfect voice casting for lady briarwood.

  33. Seriously, I didn't watch CR1 but just from the voice I know Lady Briarwood is not to be fucked with.

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