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  1. It is not and you telling that does not make it so.

  2. you're saying thy treat themselves like dogs just because they believe in something you don't- that sounds pretty degrading

  3. Is there any reason why this sub hates muslims so much ive seen at least 2 posts on this sub about topic like this. Why do you guys give so much fucks to shits that have nothing to do with you

  4. idk i guess that's what occurs when there's a social media that's atheist dominated

  5. Sorry. Just look around in the US. Atheism is sufficient reason for persecution there. Multiple states even have laws on the books preventing atheists from holding office. Non enforceable laws thanks to the federal constitution, but still, if you complain about atheists making fun of religious people and ignore the anti atheist discrimination then you're pointing out the splinter in the other's eye while ignoring the 2x2 in your own, to paraphrase the bible.

  6. I don't live in the Middle East or America so these issues don't effect me. I am only complaining about atheists making fun on religious people where I can see it occurring, which is here, if I saw religious people doing the same to atheist I would highlight it as well. if I lived in America I would complain about it. but I don't,

  7. If you don't see that happen on Reddit, you're not very observant.

  8. i have seen it happen before and i've critisized religious people for doing so. disrespect either way isn't cool.

  9. Agree.. I've been friends with people from various background, different belief, culture, and language whether in real life or online. There's nothing wrong with that, we can get along pretty well. In fact, I don't care much about those things. We are all human beings.

  10. You shouldn’t give water to babies

  11. To be fair, one group are real and the other is made up with no proof of ever existing other than a few stories written by men so long ago it needs a new chapter in the story book.

  12. oh so now you're pissed because people aren't doing what you want them to do in their free time. because people aren't allowed to do personal things if you don't agree with them. what a fun life.

  13. Yes you figured it out, I genuinely am frustrated that the majority of humanity is wasting huge amounts of resources and holding us back from our true potential of leading better lives. Merry Christmas.

  14. you sound like a fun and cheerful person to be around, telling others what to do instead of letting them have free will. merry Christmas to you and happy new year.

  15. holy shit that sounds awful - I mean like fuck that guy, how the hell does he sleep at night!? sorry about what you went through, that's awful and I hope you're getting better. I'll be honest there's a lot of douchebag guys out there who might manipulate you and abuse you

  16. aw damn, that's sweet and wholesome, and I love how you put the effort in to make your son happy. you love him a lot and the world needs more parents like you.

  17. what makes talking to people more isolating? like is it the fact that they keep ghosting or they don't understand you?

  18. jeez I'm in the same position, like I'm always asking my freinds to go out first and when I'm gone for weeks on end I go back and see there's no one asking for me. wanna talk ab it? I'm down.

  19. heyya also 15, can't wait for Christmas as well! DM me if you feel like it. or don't. your choice.

  20. People who can't separate the art from the artist are low tier.

  21. yeah but even from a professional perspective, he can't even align the windows to the vanishing point. also the shadows indicate that there's 2 suns and the shading sucks.

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