1. This! I felt like autumn was luring Royal away from the rodeo specifically so Amy’s mom could get her.

  2. I don't know if I would call it a kidnapping because she went with her own mother voluntarily. She even received permission from her father beforehand to take this exact course of action.

  3. Good point. Season two needs to come soon to explain all of this. It hurts my head speculating so much 😂

  4. As long as their nose isn’t duct taped as well, I don’t see it being dangerous. I think it’s already been done to unruly passengers.

  5. The same as single people, with the exception being that it’s not always a solo act.

  6. Well, he was in a jet-propelled car with a great nickname. ThrustSSC, with the SSC standing for SuperSonic Car. I imagine his adrenaline was extremely high.

  7. Great photo. It could easily pass for 1983. The early 90s were a confusing time for fashion.

  8. Your dad about to make you in this picture.

  9. It likely depends on what you do with it after putting the police wrap on and I’m sure it’s illegal to copy a specific department’s logo. People can buy old police cars at auctions for cheap, but all the police stuff is usually removed except for the spotlight and reinforced bumper.

  10. All I saw was a huge drug market that looked extremely sketchy, but I guess that’s to be expected with drug markets.

  11. "I have hacked your bridge and now control all of your screws. If you want them to stay tight, immediately send me $10 million USD or 1 bitcoin.

  12. Politics are crazy in the US these days, but Conservative values used to be about fiscal responsibility and less government interference in our daily lives. Liberal values used to be more about bigger government with programs like Medicaid/Medicare that helped poor, disabled, and elderly people. Both sides would bring something good to the table and create a balance, so one side didn’t go too far overboard. It’s not like that anymore.

  13. In my mind you nailed it in years gone past. How about today?

  14. Partially insane is seriously the only way I would know how to describe both today.

  15. Without a picture hard to say. But I would personally heat up a drill bit and melt in into the tee and then pull it out. You don't need to use a drill, just some vice grips or pliers.

  16. I’m surprised the torch didn’t melt it. I would try some type of lubricant and long tweezers to try to wiggle it out.

  17. It’s completely normal. I still ask for and receive advice from my father who passed away nearly twenty years ago.

  18. It could be a bit of a double standard with the jokes. However, society has higher expectations for women’s hair, so it’s understandable how it might be more difficult for women to go through than men. Men are expected to go bald. Even naming it male pattern baldness is more benign sounding than alopecia.

  19. My brain. I’d never have to worry about my cognition deteriorating and it could be transplanted when my body wears out. I’d also be able to get upgrades as the tech evolves.

  20. Just spend it all, but remember to save enough for a Sarco. I wouldn’t want to get so old and frail that I need a caregiver.

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