1. i voted yes but realized i have no fucking idea what that is

  2. It's simply the intersectionality between race and the law. It's saying that even though laws might try to be colorblind they would still affect different races differently.

  3. You're absolutely right, genocide and violence are not the answer. You sound unhappy, confused and isolated. Don't worry about what you have to identify as, none of that is going to help define you. This might sound like a weird suggestion, but go for a walk. Clear your head, and observe the world around you. If you can get into park or nature, do it. Switch off your phone. If you have access to a garden, do some gardening. Turn some compost, make some soil.

  4. Wait, why is it not the answer? Doesn't violence serve a purpose for the left too?

  5. How is ideology a scam? It's real. It's what motivates people. The reason some people go on to become martyrs and s***.

  6. I used an artificial intelligence AI art prompting to sort of turn me into a white person.

  7. Book bannings make me so sad. It is hard to understand the argument for it but I really do think it’s the minority calling for the book removals.

  8. The only exceptions I would see would be things that would be considered really inappropriate for a certain demographic such as having erotica in a library meant for children.

  9. I thought same sex marriage was sanctified into federal law months ago??

  10. Just to tell you in case some weird reactionary is going to be on here and say something about how we want to have transgender surgery for minors, no we don't, but instead we worry that this could lead into a snowball effect into banning transgender surgery for adults. Surgery on miners is pretty much not a thing. If it ever is it is because a doctor has made the incredibly hard decision to do that and it is not an easy decision and it would have required a huge amount, a huge amount of therapy and time to decide this. Not an easy task and it's certainly not a decision that the government should ever get involved in.

  11. One of the things to remember though is that the America that immigrants tend to experience is going to be different than the America that the "native" born population experiences. Especially immigrants from places like Europe because these people have higher incomes cuz they have to in order to immigrate here and they tend to be healthier because they have to be and they tend to be smarter because they have to be and so therefore they're going to have a higher standard of living. They just are. So immigrants who come over for especially from Europe are going to again, have higher standards of living and live better off than the native population.

  12. I think it depends; getting the government out of medicine when what you really mean is give authority to doctors to choose what is necessary vs government is something anyone would agree with.

  13. Yeah, which is why I said that I'm not against government out of medicine in like every case but in regards to like how medicine is practice especially when it goes against the medical science that's a problem. Also universal healthcare isn't really about government in medicine per se but it's more just about government in like insurance. It's not really the government saying what kind of stuff is and isn't allowed.

  14. I actually believe that they do give a damn about women, the same way people give a damn about their own property. Hehe...hmm..

  15. I think the “hate crime” designation is stupid, overall.

  16. Only because a person who kills someone because they are hungry is something that can more easily be fixed with something like better social programs whereas a person who kills someone because of their race is a lot harder to fix so it needs harsher punishments in order to prevent people from doing such a thing.

  17. If someone kills because they are hungry, they should get away with it, and it was actually society and the lack of social programs to blame?

  18. No, but justice is more than just punishment, it is ensuring that it doesn't happen again. A country can take preventative measure to prevent hunger-based crime from occurring in the first place by having good social programs. And yes those lack of social programs would be to blame but so would the individual. It's not a one or the other thing. You are making things more simplified it than they actually are rather than the complex situation that it actually is.

  19. I never heard of POC who are Nazis or White Supremacists. I don't think that exists.

  20. Oh, I meant more like on an academic or philosophical standpoint, not just pointing it out. Like I just don't see any books on the topic or something and how to help people like that.

  21. No, I think you’re making perfect sense. That being said, that doesn’t explain why men have to see their worth solely as partners or sperm donors.

  22. When you place your entire identity as being at the top it means that anyone who wants to even be equal to you because you would no longer be the only one at the top or if you go to the bottom then your identity is basically shattered.

  23. That’s the problem with hierarchy. You gotta fight gravity to stay at the top.


  25. “Transracial” is actually a term for being adopted by someone who isn’t your race, and isn’t actually describing your race, but a situation. For example, I’m a Black transracial adoptee. It doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be your race or that your not your actual race.

  26. Tangent: it seems like the connotation of the word transracial now is so much connected to Rachel dozen people that they are trying to rebrand transracial adoption as interracial adoption. But historically it has had the title “transracial”

  27. We shouldn't have to change our word just because some other people decide to co-op it and give it a bad name. Not fair not fair

  28. No, it's okay. I'm actually that too. I was adopted and raised by white people but they kind of had a white Savior complex thing or something. Now I kind of have some like bad racial dysphoria or possibly racial dysmorphia,... um.

  29. Not sure what you mean - do you mean a book about a racist society, where white people dominate the POC population? [as that covers most West-based societies in the past, right up to the modern day, some would say.]

  30. No I mean like a non fiction book about POC who are Nazis and the like.

  31. If your goal is to write to get money, I recommend another course. If you're trying to write to be heard and to engage in dialogue you can do so anonymously easy on the internet.

  32. What would you recommend then? Something like YouTube?

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