1. I am fairly confident it's the other way around. Bioware was doing RTwP for years before FF12 even came out. Dragon Age is an evolution of what they alreadyd did in games like BG and KOTOR. It is much more plausible that FF12 took a page or two from earlier Bioware games.

  2. Mike Laidlaw, the director for the Dragon Age series, fanboys out over FFXII and acknowledges its influence on DA:O.

  3. On release there was so much hate for the gambit system!

  4. As a sequel in the mainline series, it was shocking, especially coming off FFX. Now it's aged beautifully - it's very much ahead of its time, even still.

  5. Tipping is out of control in Halifax. You are hard pressed to even see a 15% tip option on a debit pad here. Here's an example: my car needed a repair that was beyond my skills level so I dropped it off at a local shop and went next door for lunch. The lunch place had tip options of 25, 30, and 40%. I selected custom and tipped 15%. The 3rd wave hipster coffee place next door had tip options that started at 18%, for a black drip coffee. Then I walked back to pick up my car and the mechanic also had percentage tip options on their debit machine. No way in hell am I dropping an 18%+ tip on a $2500 repair. When I'm hit with an over the top tip request (and that's what it is) I never return to that establishment.

  6. I used to work at a hipster cafe, our expectation then was no tip on takeout, 10% tip on any order we had to walk out to your table (so if you got food to stay instead of just a drink). Since it wasn't full table service, we never felt 15%+ was ever appropriate. Plus we didn't make server's wage.

  7. Its too long when it doesn't fit the game or what it intends to be.

  8. This is one of the reasons I don't mind Kojima games but probably won't get into something like Triangle Strategy.

  9. Harsh but true, common MonolithSoft W.

  10. It's OK, I keep finding myself shocked that Tactics Ogre: Reborn is on other consoles. It just feels like it was made from the ground up to be played on the Switch. I'm guessing XBC plays the same way.

  11. Hello! Got the page - the post linked was actually pretty successful and we have a handful of non-institutional (though not exclusively so) folks meeting now and conversing on a regular basis!

  12. Im gonna answer the OPPOSITE of your question by saying a game I think could get away with charging a little more is stardew valley!!! Not saying it’s a $60 game but I’d have been willing to pay $30-40! And it’s only $15 <3

  13. I feel this way about most of my Switch games. I haven't really bought one yet that didn't meet its dollar value.

  14. Yeah, it's one of my favourites. Top 5 for sure.

  15. I really like both. X is probably my favourite, but XII ain't far behind. Gameplay wise I actually like XII more, but X's story hit me hard.

  16. I love everything about XII except its pacing in the second half. I also really hate the final boss.

  17. I've been meaning to try X-2 again. I was so excited for it as a kid and then completely turned off by the story. But now I'm way older and have been going through a FF renaissance (beat XIV and TZA this year). Anything using the job system is cool!

  18. I don't have any context for the show, but it's really hard to see someone go through this.

  19. I’ve put in over 40 hours since it came out (off week from work) and my only question now is WHY IS THERE SO MUCH TO LEARN?

  20. MH games basically follow the formula of, you can learn it in 20 minutes from a friend, or 20 hours on your own.

  21. In my case I don't like the art direction at all, so I'm skipping this one until is discounted.

  22. This is exactly it for me. Probably it's shallow and I'm missing out on a decent game, but even FE3H's art direction looks positively sober by comparison, and at the time I thought that game's character designs were a bit eccentric.

  23. You'll still need a bit of a guide to help, but one thing that really helped was hearing how "intuitive" the mechanics are, in the sense that heavier weight equipment slows your turns, frightened units can't be charmed, having a dagger/shield equipped gives your archers a chance to dodge, etc.

  24. Mindy Kaling has just never been funny. Her movies suck, her acting sucks, she's just not good. The office was hilarious, but I still hated her in it. I always found Kelly's character annoying and painful to watch. Sorry Mindy, but I think your talents might just be better suited somewhere else, cause the entertainment industry ain't it 🤷‍♂️

  25. I really thought she was perfect in the Office, but she also wasn't the central pillar of the show. Definitely enhanced what was already there, never meant to sustain the main thread.

  26. The nice thing about the difficulty options is that they actually change the style of combat rather than the stats of you and the enemies (though maybe that's involved in achieving the effect).

  27. I don't know about boring, but I remember thinking that it was a bit of a regression after the unexpected triumph of Wind Waker (my personal favourite) - felt very safe and by the numbers by comparison. Wind Waker had to work very hard by comparison to get people on board after OoT and MM, and I think it wildly succeeded.

  28. My first question would be, do you consider stories to be art? If so, then I do have relevant material to share. Yes, there are some examples of ancient cultures partaking in works designed to elicit horror for horror's sake. It's important to note that just because an story contains horror elements or features supernatural creatures like ghouls and ghosts, that does not necessarily make it reasonable to call it part of the "horror genre". Most stories of scary paranormal beings in ancient times served as vehicles for the author to impress a completely unrelated moral or life lesson to the leader. An example of this would be the Odyssey, where our protagonists briefly enter the underworld and speak to the dead. The point of this narrative was not purely, or even primarily, to scare the reader. Likewise, the Bible contains stories about ghosts like the Witch of Endor conjuring up the departed spirit of Samuel. But again, the main point of that passage was not just to send chills down the reader's spine, but to stress the importance of obeying God rather than human mediums.

  29. One scene that really stuck out to me for horror elements was towards the end of Aeneid II, when Neoptolemus slays first his little son, then Priam himself at the altar. The description of Pyrrhus bursting through the door, chiefly characterized through his cold and shining armour, the fruitless evasion of the child, the king's vain valour and futile threats of revenge, the pathos of the queen as she tries to make Priam see the folly of resistance, the cold words of the killer before his dispatch, and that last scene with the body on the beach. Really brings out that sense of nefas.

  30. Kinda hard to say she's the best. I think she's a seamless continuity and enlargement of what was portrayed especially in ANH and ESB.

  31. Differences in translation are not the same thing as differences in manuscripts. You can argue translational errors, absolutely, but the source material has been unchanging.

  32. Yeah, this thread is very painful to read. I get that textual criticism/philology is not something people encounter on a daily basis, but the leaps in logic here at the notion that texts changing as they're copied leading to some kind of grand conspiracy is very much in the vein of QAnon stuff...

  33. O Quirites! Ubinam gentium sumus? Qua orbis terrarum regione, qua mundi parte nos ipsos instituimus? Nonne potius patria nostra e moribus constat neque loco?

  34. Every word in every language resists 1:1 translation. We still don’t typically pepper them in every English article, because that’s unnecessarily taxing on the reader and the translation is usually good enough to convey the general meaning.

  35. The point is that the translator is acknowledging there's room for error/interpretation due ambiguity in sense or the inherently fraught nature of a dead language which only exists in ancient sources.

  36. I'd argue it's actually less important for Wikipedia articles which should be written for a general audience, and instead it is more important in academic/scholarly articles written for experts in the field who appreciate/can understand the context of the glossed words better.

  37. It's only important when they're directly quoting and such ambiguity pops up. Obviously in paraphrases and summaries we don't need glosses, except in the cases of technical terms (like the bodyguard example up thread).

  38. She was an evil person. Educate yourself about what she really did, in contrast to the official fiction of the Catholic Church who were primarily interested in her as a prolific fund raiser.

  39. Dude, the Mother Teresa slander is literally one of the top all time posts in

  40. My auntie's a nun, also a canoeist, mountaineer, missionary doctor, will never forget seeing her pull up to my nanny's on a motorbike, take helmet off and put her habit on. Might be a pretty cool lady if she wasn't a heartless money grabbing bitch (grandparents inheritance got squirrelled away, largely by the nun)

  41. Interesting. I had an aunt who was nun and liked to gamble. Because she couldn't accumulate wealth (I'm guessing a mandate of her order), she would give the winnings to the poor and family members in need.

  42. It's hard to say. Rise/Sunbreak is more of a lateral move from World/Iceborne.

  43. It's interesting that this was played up for commercial reasons.

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