1. Use octopus posidon wand...reset skills and get a couple insta kills and shadow clone balls Jungle boar and magic crown

  2. Whoohoo. That worked great. Made it at the first try.

  3. I'm interested.. Sent you a friend request on Discord

  4. My biggest frustration is not finding book details as easily as before. I get routed to my library which is different than the store, but I want the details from the store. Some changes just are not good.

  5. Take your 5 best Red dudes, the highest lvl dragon/dragoneer, and put your best runes on Red. Serve up damage. You can look at the team composition and individual heroes of the top of the leader board. It's a very poorly kept secret.

  6. Have to check the leaderboard out. Thanks.

  7. I tried pocketcast and it does not work for me.

  8. Uhm, when will it finally be around?

  9. If you were leader, the only ways you could get demoted are if you made him leader, or if you were offline for several days and the system automatically made him leader. What do you mean when you say you made him an "admin"? The only ranks are leader, co-leader and regular member. And there can only be one leader.

  10. Oh, that's how I suddenly was promoted to alliance leader.

  11. Can please somebody explain me how the main events in the book connect? I started to listen to the book for three times and finished twice but somehow my mind always skips over the important parts. There is so much fluff around the main plot that i always seem to miss tidbits of information.

  12. If he won't go into therapy it won't get better, really.

  13. Well, this is death by a thousand cuts. She points out the alleged failures of your fiance to slowly turning your mind about him.

  14. My former "best friend" who did me so much harm, maybe even more harm than my parents, is now studying psychology to become a therapist. Guess where abusive therapists come from.

  15. For those rare individuals who enjoy seeing misery, enjoy causing misery and sometimes simply wanting to control, the world of therapy is like a gold mine.

  16. In this case, I honestly belief he thinks he will do good. He is a big liar and most of all, he lies to himself about who he truly is.

  17. I suspect Bernie's asking us to participate because he thinks the name of the game is Call of Antifa.

  18. That nearly had me spitting my cerials onto the screen. Don't do this to me!

  19. What level are your characters because one hit hit and my characters were dead 😩😭😭😭

  20. I'm a bit confused? You are not offering a game as GM, are you? Because the 'forever GM' line makes it sound like it.

  21. No? Sorry if I am confusing I hoped that I am looking for gm and players tag would have been enough to make sure my intent wasn't lost

  22. I guess I might have skipped over it. Sorry.

  23. To my former 'best friend': "You are a bloody asshole'.

  24. 100 - I wish I had an award to give you.

  25. This could be a paragraph in a novel. The first one even.

  26. Sounds like my former 'best friend'.

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