1. Thank you for your answer. I think it's been one month, so I will wait longer. Also I didn't know I had to cover them. I thought they can lay on top of the soil. So thanks a lot for the advices :)

  2. They can lay on top of the soil, but they have to be kept damp continuously. If they dry out, they die. Also, the first stage of germination is similar to a flower in flowering plants. To get from this stage to small ferns requires that surface layer of moisture. Without it you will be stuck at the first stage forever. Also, dont sow to thick. The female parts need more space than the male parts. Sow too thich and you only get the male parts. Hope this helps

  3. I waited longer and they are growing now. I just thought I would let you know :)

  4. I am studying arboriculture and literally the most frequent information we were told was yet another way how you can die on this job. I guess hurting yourself is inevitable.

  5. I personally think having a cat sleep on the bed is different than a dog. Cats tend to stay on one part of the bed and/or tolerate movement.

  6. My cat keeps moving to the centre of the bed until I almost fall from the edge.

  7. so sorry you are struggling rn. sounds like some obsessive thinking. I had a psychotic depression episode over a year ago. I would think some whacky things (like, people talking about me or a beep on my phone I “heard” (I’m thinking that beep didn’t actually happen now) meant the police were coming), & be scared of those thoughts & scared that I believed these thoughts. thats my experience. I think you should talk to a mh professional though.

  8. Thank you for your answer. This sounds so scary, I am sorry that you had to go through this. Do you feel like outside of the episode your thinking is clear again, or do you still get confused sometimes, or question reality?

  9. Even now, Ifeel like there is something I am missing. Like my perception of things is lacking something that everyone else knows. But in reality I don't see anything unusual. My parents, friends or anyone never expressed any concern like this. Yet I constantly feel like something is inherently wrong with me. What if I am autistic and everyone knows, but I live in my own world where I am the only one that doesn't know it.

  10. Capensis dew up just fine in low humidity but if they don't have enough light they won't make any dew. With all those pots and moss media there should be plenty of local humidity around the plants.

  11. Op received it just now. It's possible that it was used to higher humidity before and when it got decreased it's not able to adapt fast and loses water through it's stomatas

  12. If it was shipped that's probably more likely why it has no dew. Honestly, humidity isn't that important compared to light and water in regards to capensis. I move mine from my grow space which is rather humid (70%) to my kitchen counter which is lower humidity (40% to 50%) sometimes to combat fruit flies and never have they lost their dew.

  13. Yes that is true. Humidity change doesn't do much damage if it's gradual or there is small difference. But bigger changes like going from 70 to 20 could cause it to dry up.

  14. It has to be wet all the time. Watering once a week isn't enough. You can let it dry once in a while, especially in winter. But most of the time it should stay in water.

  15. This sounds like normal side effects to me. You started on 50 and after a week increased to 100 which is really fast. So it makes sense that your side effects are really bad. I would give it a shot and try to wait it out. If you are going to increase again, do it slowly, increase only by 25 for at least a week.

  16. I think just this realization might help you mentally. The overthinking and stress from having to get better for yourself and others creates huge conflict and distress in you. By not caring you might finally have the peace that you need for eventually recovering.

  17. Remove the rotted roots and plant it in more permeable substrate.

  18. This is exactly my situation, only difference is that I am 23. I think I came to terms with my scars too, but I started wondering what if I just gave up on my appearance. I saw myself as ugly my whole life and it bothered me. So I slowly gave up on trying to look pretty, wearing makeup, doing my hair etc. And I feel content with it now, I don't feel ashamed. But that just doesn't sound as a healthy approach.

  19. Oh I hate this too. I thought that it worked perfectly before the emojis and stuff. Now it's pretty much unusable.

  20. Yes. I took my first pill and I cried for two hours. Total breakdown for no reason. That was the last time I cried for a while. Zoloft can numb you, I couldn't cry for few months and it really bothered me. After few more months the numbness decreased and I can cr now from time to time, when I need to.

  21. Ring tattoo would work, but they age quite badly. Come up with small symbol that would be more pleasant than two dots and a line and get it covered up. My friend had very simple flower on side of her finger (just a line with small leafs) it looked great at first, but parts of it peeled off, which probably happenes a lot with finger tattoos.

  22. Oh yes! And when you purposefully leave it at home it's even better feeling haha

  23. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong, don't forget to take care of your mental health too while you take care of your daughter. This has to take a huge toll on you and your partner as well. I would encourage you to go to therapy, since I have started too and it's been huge help.

  24. My attention got worse at the beginning, but ever since it started helping with my depression, my cognitive functions got so much better. But I was really paralyzed by depression, so maybe I just returned back to my normal.

  25. I had it the same. First two weeks were awful physically and emotionally. Third week was better, but my anxiety got suddenly almost unbearable.

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