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  1. Wheres your cabinet from? It looks really good, I need one for my figures!

  2. Hey xQc's tard crusade went through the Essex and Rocket League logo just now

  3. I love this bodysuit design~ You're the best St Louis!

  4. Like if I compare your Barbara, wich is also an alternative outfit, but it looks amazing, it really shows your creativity and I respect that.

  5. When did Barbara wear that black outfit?

  6. It was part of the low budget cosplay contest held on the official discord, so I did a school girl-esque barbara for my entry

  7. If you like this costest and wanna see more of my cosplays, feel free to follow my socials! ><

  8. I am speedrunning my affinity with her and oathing her so quick

  9. The cosplay looks great. Love your dedication to Prince of Wales. Do you have her Race Queen figure as well?

  10. Sadly no! I really do love that figure though and Duke of York's one

  11. Apologies for the webcam quality BUT my AL cosplay contest trophy arrived and I wanted to show my appreciation :6874:

  12. Did you make it yourself or did you buy it? The engulfing lighting i mean

  13. I bought it, the last time I made a prop weapon was 2013 I'm not sure I could do it justice



  16. Unfortunately that store is quite a scam and highly inflates the prices, the keyboard is under 100 usd on the official tmall store, yikes - also things like bracelets are about 3 dollars officially and they sell them for 17 dollars without shipping included..

  17. Vykhodila na bereg katyusha, na vysokiy bereg na krutoy!

  18. Too revealing. No slutty revealing outfits for Keqing please. They do not suit her character.

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