1. Spider-Man’s pointing at each other meme

  2. Wow, that camo pattern actually works in game. Makes it harder to realize what you are facing.

  3. What is the grain of the round? I told him I was interested on the rounds and he agreed to give them a closer look in a week or 2. M80a1 is 130 grain right?

  4. Yeah, M80A1 is about 130 grain whilst XM158 is about 155 grain.

  5. So out of curiosity how do you the grain of xm1158? I literally cannot find anything on it….also the dude weighed the bullet and it was 130 grain. I didn’t say anything back yet but I wanna see where it shows the grain before I say anything back

  6. I don’t remember where I got the numbers from. Probably some dude on the internet, who could have made it up. It was long before I made the post. That said though… Steel tip got replaced with tungsten alloy (twice the density of steel). So logically, XM1158 should be heavier. IIRC NATO standard for mass issued 7.62x51 ammunition requires the weight of the bullet to be 130 to 155 grains. The only way I see XM1158 being the same weight as M80A1 is if DoD replaced copper slug with a shorter aluminum slug, but that would be stupid AF because the entire point of the round is to increase long range penetration which requires a better ballistic coefficient which is achieved through higher mass.

  7. How stupid does one have to be to not realize that a DNA test will expose this?

  8. What is your source on birth statistics in Xinjiang?

  9. somehow I doubt this was arty, the full video shows them surviving this near direct hit. I'm beginning to think that this was a grenade dropped by a drone or an extremely lucky underbarrel grenade.

  10. No that's just Iran, being trans is outright and explicitly banned in Islam

  11. There are also quite many (voluntary) trans-women in Pakistan.

  12. Kek. How stupid does one need to be to not acknowledge that Abrams is hands down the best MBT in service on Earth. There is no other tank that has ALL OF IT AMMUNITION inside compartment with blow out panels and has a completely impenetrable turret front.

  13. Base T-72 has identical hull and turret armor as T-64A. Same optical ranger finder, gun and ammunition. I don’t see the point of adding it.

  14. I think you never own a KB you are just “passing them along” might as well pass them on in the family. This sounds like the beginning of a wonderful family tradition!

  15. I’ve got a Soviet 24 kg kettlebell. I wonder how many owners it witnessed throughout the years.

  16. I used to be heavy (300-310) but I've lost weight over the past few years. I'm around 280 now, but it's hard to lose weight since I can't exercise and my metabolism is ALSO crappy as hell. So losing weight takes a while for me.

  17. STFU about slow metabolism and not being able to exercise. Just stop eating so much you mutt. Take necessary supplements and eat once a day. Really simple, you just need a moderately strong will.

  18. according to ukraine, russa was out of rockets in march 2022

  19. Russia will never be completely out of rockets because they produce them. The problem is that unless they cease strikes for at least half a year, their stockpile cannot replenish to the necessary level so as to be able to demolish the key bridges. They use missiles fresh off production line.

  20. but ukranians said russia already used all its rockets.

  21. IIRC that one source you are talking about predates M1A2 SEP.

  22. Hmmm, ok. Then perhaps SEP V2 has DU hull armor.

  23. is he just flexing the upper pecs there or is that how they natirally are for him

  24. There is a manga with similar concept called Spirit Circle. One of the plot points was that people who are about to die are cryogenically frozen which keeps their souls inside their bodies, which prevents reincarnation, so once there are too many frozen people, people stop being born.

  25. I got floaters when I was in peak condition with perfect health stats, as was confirmed by blood tests and full body check up. My only health related problem in life was my really bad eyesight. Now I also have these super annoying eye floaters.

  26. In this photo Putin is about 40 years old.

  27. Also, to add: Russian soldiers in Ukraine are being issued plate carriers with bare steel plates that get shot through by 7N6M out of RPK-74. Soviet soldiers were issued ballistic vests with boron carbide inserts that are capable of stopping M855A1. Here is a video of Oxide (YouTuber) ballistic testing 6B5 vest.

  28. Most likely the gun wouldn't be loaded for strike missions or some air to air missions, but then would be added for CAS and maybe interdiction. From my understanding it's seen primarily as a CAS weapon on the F-35, hence the change to a higher caliber (25mm).

  29. I am pretty sure that the internal gun is also 25 mm.

  30. PhD by 26 is the fakest part about this

  31. Depends on the subject. If it’s science, engineering or mathematics then indeed there is no way you have PhD by 26 unless you are a literal >140 IQ genius.

  32. This is legitimately horrifying. Invasive Amerimutt replacing British good bois.

  33. I love how everytime there's a universal bug effecting literally everything everyone immediately jumps to "RuSsIaN bIaS!!1!!1". Bombs have been fucked for a good bit now, a few months atleast and it's universal fuckery. Same with the Abrooms people complaining about their UFP being broken and how it's Russian Bias as if it's not even a UFP change but a change in the way Sloped APFSDS Pen is calculated and is causing everyone to be front penned by absurd shit.

  34. Russia tanks should be dying from near miss of APFSDS and from 50 cal’s incidiary round impacting UFP. Abrooms should be surviving direct hits with FAB-3000. Only then people will stop complaining.

  35. What would you get out of 9x39 over something like .300 blackout?

  36. With commercial loads? Bigger hole and a tumbling bullet. 300 BLK loaded with JHP is still superior though, but not the FMJ rounds.

  37. Be interesting to see how Chobham holds up to Russian anti tank though

  38. So far most tanks in Ukraine got destroyed by hull shots, not turret. Chally has a really good turret but not so good hull. Unless Ukrainians use is strictly for hull down defense, odds are we won’t witness it stopping Kornets n’ shit.

  39. I wonder if they will supply it with the full ERA and Composite package, which will make it a fair bit better against those kinda threats

  40. The thing is that Chally’s UFP wasn’t designed with Kornet ATGM in mind. It is rather thin, so it is physically not possible for it do so no matter what kind of NERA is inside the armor.

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