1. CFA-44 Nosferatu sexiest craft in the sky, overpowered fun in games

  2. Only downside to having prez is no AOA limiter but having prez just makes everything better

  3. What is AOA? I tried using it but I didn't notice anything happening

  4. Basically an advanced version of post stall maneuvers. If you're using controller (which you should be doing regardless) combine a left stick press with left trigger, or whatever you have deceleration bound to. Hold that while moving the left stick.

  5. Your fine with kids seeing girl showing their bare ass on camera?

  6. Nah, there's that blue flash when it goes off. Looks like they're running a mod to use those Helios missiles, or at least their explosion, in place of the actual FAEBs.

  7. Can you share this mod or is this a self-built one? I have a couple of levels I want to use this on

  8. It should be on Nexus mods. Trying to find it but the website is giving me trouble.

  9. Love the fact that, while it's a different version, this song is used in AC7 multiplayer.

  10. I accidentally managed to get through Stonehenge with the a10. Well not without some difficulties but got through it nonetheless.

  11. No way you’re watching that video and telling me that’s anything more than 30

  12. If you look closely at the top left, there's a little display that says about 80 fps, which is what my game averages at.

  13. I am specifically talking about the video

  14. Well the video and the game are 2 different things. I'm confused on what your point is.

  15. Yeah. Not sure why it does that sometimes. Thankfully it's not like that in game.

  16. I had 3 coding classes in high school that lasted both semesters. The most I could make was a text based (raw input) graphing calculator. And even then it was limited. And I was one of the smarter people in my class. So how the flying f*** is coding easy?

  17. Now we need to implement a Twitter Checkmark Tax on top of the Womp Womp Tax, the colonies aren’t going to like this…

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