1. Not true, assetto Corsa can have thousands of mod tracks and cars and visual packs. And it doesn't go over 80gb. Horizon 5 is 120GB and that's got the biggest map ever made (apart from Test drive unlimited 2)

  2. Okay? This isn't asseto corsa or forza horizon 5 though... with newer engines, physics and graphics/textures it's even bigger download sizes. You're comparing mods that have been compressed and optimized for the convenience of users and also nowhere near as high fidelity as this game it's new technology so they are still figuring out how to properly compress and optimize larger content without having even bigger download sizes. This always happens so no it's not what I said isn't true when it comes to forza motorsport.

  3. You've just answered it the solution for it. The mods are compressed... The tracks on assetto Corsa are compressed and all laser scanned for super accurate tracks. There's no reason why Forza can't have compressed tracks to fit more on. Which is what annoys me about Microsoft as a whole they make them enormous when they don't have to be they could easily do better optimising of their tracks and download sizes.

  4. For all we know with the engine they use compression may cause performance/quality issues etc, I agree it is annoying and wish they did also apply compression but going back to my original point I wasn't incorrect as file size caused by the higher quality textures and engine is the main issue to why there aren't more tracks and cars in newer forza titles.

  5. I just hit 100 hours today and I'm kinda getting sick of it.

  6. 100 hours pumped into story mode?!??! My brother I did it in 13 hours while being left over with 3m cash, I did all the deliveries day/night and the safe house missions including a majority of the races and had 5 maxed out cars performance and visual wise. I dunno how you've managed 100 hours and still not finished it.

  7. Smells like bullshit. I'm at 34 hours and am just finishing week 3 with 650k. No real grinding, no real attempt to collect collectibles or speedtraps, and even skipping pretty much any race that pays under 5k, sometimes skipping anything 8k or below.

  8. I didn't say I did collectables or speedtraps? But hey I'm not here to convince a randomer on the internet how long it took me, just telling it how it is and I couldn't care less if you belive me or not.✌️

  9. This is a nice thought but the fact that everyone thinks this is going to be successful is just obsurd.. they haven't listened to any of us since day 1 so I'm not sure why people think anything is going to change now.

  10. First of all, good to see some balancing changes.

  11. Worst thing is they didn't even say it releases in March.. they said they are sharing more details in March

  12. Who says you have to kite this boss? Hit him with a ice barrage and you're good to go

  13. Yeah, hit him with a spell that requires 94 magic, which the majority of the player base doesn't have!

  14. Firstly it doesn't have to be ice barrage specifically it can be any of the spells that will hold him in place. Secondly yes the game has better mechanics and gets easier the higher levels you are. Thirdly do you really expect every low level account be able to kill any and all bosses easily? The easier mechanics of killing bosses comes with the higher levels, otherwise quit ya complaining and get kiting

  15. I got 3 heads in around 400 kc, currently around 2k no jaw

  16. All I'm seeing is proof that drifting is shit in this game

  17. Why is there constant posts of people playing shipment and complaing? The map has always been like this🤦‍♂️

  18. I have level 99 attack, strength, mage, and range. You will never see me coming with my barrage to an AGS/GMaul combo. I have defeated all of the God’s generals in the God Wars Dungeon. I have defeated the strongest dragons, humans, and demons to ever inhabit Gielinor. I have conquered the most difficult raid dungeons and challenges.

  19. No, he played a racing game where his opponents don't want to race. What are you on about? My man wants the game, not "race" a stationary car every time.

  20. Typical redditor making assumptions off of my comment. I don't even play this game because its that bad, but I sure as hell wouldn't waste my own time all over pride and spite. From all the posts I see on here it seems inevitable to not run into these afk/dnf racers so to back out or waste time on the last race is just stupid and a waste of your own time and at this point you may aswell just finish the race and move on to the next playlist. If you want to play an actual racing game for the competition and you're on console then play forza or gran turismo, if on pc then you have a whole lot of other games you can play until they release fixes for these issues. But until then playing nfs unbound online and getting upset over people going afk etc is just stupid as it's going to happen most of the time.

  21. Imagine getting triggered by Greta Thunberg so much you end up making a video that reveals your location so the police can arrest you.

  22. Why are people acting like he was actively evading law enforcement? Ofcorse he'd have no trouble with revealing where he was located if he had no idea law enforcement wanted to take him in for questioning. From the news posts online it states they were investigating previous allegations of human trafficking and with recent evidence they brought them in for further questioning. Nothing online suggests he was actively evading arrest by avoiding showing his active location, this is merely a bunch of rumors people have run with online to overdramatize the situation online.(I'm not a tate "supporter or follower" but just stating the obvious from all the information unfolding from recent events)

  23. It wasn't so much that they were avoiding arrest, but more that they believed they were safe and what they did wasn't illegal

  24. That's literally what I'm trying to say myself but all these brainless sheep see a downvoted post and just hopped on the train of downvoting my comment😂🤦‍♂️ not sure why I got downvotes and you got up votes for pretty much saying the same thing🤷‍♂️(I added the brainless sheep part after all the downvotes so insulting the downvoters wasn't the reason) also agreed, they are fucking idiots

  25. Haha I wondered why he would show pizza boxes and dox himself

  26. Probably because he wasn't aware law enforcement wanted to take him in for questioning for recent information they had come to light in their investigation of suspected human trafficking?

  27. They are absolutely nothing like angel cakes🤦‍♂️

  28. I’m assuming u haven’t played online yet so basically there’s a bug where u can put high performance parts on a 488 pista and because gear boxes upgrade or down grade ur car so well u can play in class B races with a hyper car hitting 130 to 131 well everyone else can only hit 125

  29. Not a bug, major inbalancing. You can do it for multiple vehicles, this was just an oversight for online gameplay.

  30. The afk dude is a rookie, just use a trigger lock or rubber band ur controller so they still think you're racing. That way you still get your challenges done and they get their ego boost for winning in a shitty arcade racer😂

  31. I don’t think such niche accounts need official support/recognition. They can already play the account the way they want. The only thing this proposal changes is high scores for the different accounts and maybe an XP lock. I don’t think that is necessary for this content. Also most of the pure/skiller community are against it, too. I defer to them on the matter and they don’t want it to pass

  32. I honestly don't see the big deal about people hating on official account builds. If you don't want the xp locking you can still just make a regular account and do the exact same you've been doing all these years prior to this. It genuinely feels like a lot of people are just being super selfish and don't want people to have the option to be able to make a xp locked account because they had to do it without all these years. Let people who want to experience these unique accounts on a more laid back option with xp locking I say, it will bring more people into the community of these unique accounts imo.

  33. you didnt address anything that dude really said

  34. Because it wasn't directed at him, it's directed to all of the people that are hating on the official account builds for the reasons I've stated. I've seen it on every post mentioning the official account builds and their argument always goes to the fact that they are upset about people being able to lock xp and as if they are forced to now create xp locked accounts when making a unique account. They can still carry on like they did before the official account builds and we can identify who has used xp locking and who has done it the harder way so it literally makes 0 difference and is yet again just players complaining for the sake of complaining. They're crying about it ruining the unique account community but in reality it's going to help bring more people into having interest into these types of accounts.

  35. It's far from factual reasoning, it strictly comes down to companies being overly confident on how much they can add to their game. They have a small area with a tonne of detail where they add a load of props and detail to make it look super cool and use it for their trailers then realise too many resources are being used to make it possible for the whole map to have these cool populated and highly detailed areas and then remove it out of the final finished product. This is a very common thing that a lot of companies do when showing off their games before release, I even gave two main examples of games that have done this and thats just two.. I could sit here all day naming every game that does this but it would take a lifetime😂 next time you try farming karma atleast try and be correct

  36. My quick guess would be that the tunnel looked too grungy. A lot of the graffiti in that tunnel + the props makes it seem like the team originally wanted the city to have a more run down area but I guess decided on a more cleaner aesthetic for that area and perhaps Lakeshore overall.

  37. Why you tryna damage control them?😂 companies always do this, they literally make the trailers look way better and higher detail than the actual game then remove most of the stuff you see when the actual game comes out. The biggest memorable moments of this is watch dogs and gta but almost every company does this on somewhat of a scale.

  38. Seems kinda like a big oversight if the devs didn't see the need to either renew the license in time for the next numbered entry of their biggest franchise or have the contract cover for the next few games tbh.

  39. Again I'm not sure you understand how licensing or contract agreements work, its not just something turn10 makes the decision on it also comes down to rocket bunny willing to accept the terms or not. They more than likely was pushing for the deal to be finalised before the release and couldn't come to terms. They also rescanned and updated all the models for the rocket bunny kits so depending on when they renewed the licensing it also pushed them back further having to update all the kits. You can't say its an oversight by the devs as they have no control on rocket bunny accepting the conditions of the licensing/contract.

  40. So how are they still selling Forza Horizon 4 which has the same widebody kits if they have a licensing issue? Seems like a load of bs.

  41. Not sure if you understand how licensing/contracts works withing the gaming industries involving brands but they usually have it written in the contract that they can use their brand for x amount of games or in some cases it can only be used for x amount of years before they have to renew it which is when you see games being pulled from the online stores. In the case of forza horizon 4 I'm almost certain it's the case of they had a deal for x amount of games which means they still have the rights for it to be used in forza horizon 4 and prior titles and just didn't renew the license agreement in time for it to still be used on horizon 5's release.

  42. So if you’re lucky, you can be on the team of 6 with the dumbass buyer and get boosted for free? lol

  43. Nope, they usually either have 6 buyers lobby up or they have 5 other filler accounts for the other team or however many they need to make sure its only buyers on the other team for boosting

  44. I mean he doesn't have a club irl right now so what do you expect?

  45. You say its free but I guarantee this game makes the most money

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