1. I would love to be the man to breed you and get you pregnant with my babies. Though, I'm not in Boston, and I exceed your age preference. Would you have my eleventh and twelfth babies?

  2. I would definitely breed you. Pulling out is never an option. We would make beautiful mixed babies together.

  3. I would love to give you another. And once you have four, what's one more? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I'm up too, and if we were close enough, maybe we could wear each other out and get some sleep together. I doubt you are near OKC though. Lol

  5. Mmmm. You can have all the cum I have if you are going to have my babies when I give it to you.

  6. I would love to be the man to get you pregnant and give you as many beautiful babies as you are wanting to have. The more beautiful babies together the merrier!

  7. I'm sorry, you said you're the new boss, let's have a baby?

  8. If you are serious, I would love to be the man to breed you and help you get pregnant. I believe we would make beautiful ginger babies together!

  9. Then let's get started. The more babies the merrier.

  10. Are you paying child support to all of them? I kinda wonder how it works from a legal point of view.

  11. Each situation and arrangement is different. When performing as a donor, the details are decided between the donor and the recipient. Certain situations do open themselves up to the potential possibility that the State becomes an interested party in a legal manner between donor and recipient. It is incumbent upon the donor to understand the potential consequences of their actions and the liabilities that may arise.

  12. I'm older, but have at least ten babies that I know of by 6 women over 7 years. So I would believe that qualifies me as being very potent and virile, and very capable of giving you the babies you are wanting to have.

  13. Definitely not. I'd fill you up completely, and keep filling you up over and over again!

  14. Even if I beg Daddy to stop? Just gonna treat me as a place to store his cum and be bred like a broodmare?

  15. Fill you up, over and over again as nature intended.

  16. I would be happier if you were making me a daddy. But that's not what you're actually wanting.

  17. Yes, they do. And have more years of breeding in them.

  18. Absolutely, though it looks like someone already has.

  19. Can, yes. If that is actually what you are wanting. I have at least ten babies that I know of, would you want to have my eleventh?

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