1. Ah yes, another adition to my unexpected pretty "guy" collection.

  2. Speaking of unusual, does anyone have the Photo that shows how Mihoyo made Yelan whisper into our ear in the Lantern Rite?

  3. This is the most "Wait, the Phyrexian is against us?!" ever, i feel like there's some social critique here somewhere.

  4. At what point do you consider something a "god" though? Archons are incredibly strong but they're not omniscient or all-powerful or even invincible. If a superhuman appeared tomorrow, would you bow down?

  5. Most gods from the majority of mythology aren't omniscient, all-powerfull or invincible. They are just immortal (age wise) and have lots of powers, but still not reach the level of being capable of being labeled as "all-powerfull".

  6. tbh, Kazuha was only able to parry it because there's no way that the Shogun would use a full powered strike in the middle of her own city. She's supposed to ensure Inazuma lasts eternally not destroy it while dealing with rebels.

  7. Ok, she didn't use full power, but she probably is usina as much power since the target is the person that defeated La Signora, who she killed in a second without her being capable of fighting back. Oh, but Signora was tired. And what about Kazuha who fight against the Shogun's soldiers until that point? Even if you say he didn't fight as much people in the way to Tenshukaku he sure is much more tired than the "robot" that was doing absolute nothing besides nuking Signora.

  8. Since this is the safe haven, where do i go offer myself to our new Phyrexian overlords?

  9. I want to add, Call of Cthullu RPG is made privy of Lovecraft's racism, according to a Review i heard once, of course. Should i be wrong i'll later add a corection here.

  10. As a fan of bats and Camazotz since my slight pre-smite days, i'm happy he got popular thanks to his incredible Charisma (attack buff + give alter trait).

  11. No one he’s messed with has died…yet tbh. Achilles is pretty tough I think he should be ok

  12. Man, i woke up today and was "i wonder what is there of news that people in reddit found today" and one of the first things i see is Nitocris Alter funding FGO and i'm like "NITOCRIS WHAT?!"

  13. So, why is she white here, instead of green like she normally is?

  14. Tbf, there are oficial arts of Vraska that she is white instead of Green (Jace vs Vraska's Vraska the Unseen, [[Vraska, Scheming Gorgon]] and [[Vraska, Golgari Queen]]) not to mention, i feel like she was the only Ravnican Gorgon depicted with green skin instead of human skin color from time to time.

  15. Hmm those are still a very different complexion to the pinkish tone she has here.

  16. I'm not so sure, it feels close to Golgari Queen under a more proeminente light than whatever they have in the Undercity. Also, there are other cards that depict Vraska as not green, but it's hard to research card art like that to check every one. But in the end, like i said, we [[Vraska's Finisher]] that is not only a Gorgon, but also from Ravnica and having the same skin color as this one.

  17. Nightingale is about to give it to you what do you mean

  18. If enna doesn't tell us "you fucking bitch!" Is there any meaning in life?

  19. If you think people don't bitch about incest in hentai you haven't seen enough hentai.

  20. It was supposed to be the reality chip is what made Planeswalkers able to be compleated but they kinda just threw that out since it's not dramatic enough I guess

  21. The only thing the Reality Chip helped was Planar vidinha a Planeswalkers (Tamiyo) so she couldn't escape her captivity before and during compleation.

  22. Oh. I thought the phyresis process on Planeswalkers was impossible because it destroyed the spark and killed the soul. So the reality chip made it where The spark with be intact after the process

  23. Yeah, that was a thing, which is why Jin-Gitaxia's research on Kamigawa's kami (and further experimentation on Tamiyo) was essential to Discovery how to make compleation while keeping the Planeswalker alive so they kept their spark.

  24. The oil transmits the Phyresis and the Phyrexian collective counsciense. I'm not entirely sure if now It also slowly turn part of the infected into metal, but regardless, by the end of the infection, the host dies, which to Planeswalkers means losing their souls and their spark in the process.

  25. Honestly, shame she's the FMC, i prefer the white haired one much more.

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