1. Dunno about Madonna, but I believe there is a conspiracy theory going around that Tom Hanks eats children.

  2. A beautiful, capable woman taking on a singular seemingly unstoppable force all alone? What's not to like? That's why they were so much better than Prey!

  3. Christians are a Christians worst enemy. There's no reason that all Christian movies should be this bad.

  4. They came up with their totally awesome train metaphor (that falls apart when you realize God is the conductor who chooses not to stop the train) and then had to fill out another75 minutes with unrelated shit to make it feature length. Content aside, it should have just been a short film.


  6. Funny that you criticize people for making characters whose queerness is their entire personality, then use your own queerness to deflect criticism and hide behind so you don't have to justify your opinions. Also funny how you got hundreds of upvotes and then whine about being oppressed. You are all the things you hate.

  7. you know like when the government starts making decisions about what medical procedures you can get

  8. The left's views align with... The wealthy elite?

  9. Hey the heir to the Swanson fortune told me the elites are out to get me, and he's on my side, so take that liberal!

  10. God really fucked up my mental health when he made pretty girls

  11. Same but for femboys. Here I was living my closeted life, and the lead singer of Tokio Hotel came along and messed everything up.

  12. new design has TERF glasses

  13. "Jinkies gang, we need to solve the mystery of the suspiciously masculine looking woman in the ladies' room!"

  14. This is the dumbest strawman they’ve ever come up with and yet they refuse to drop it

  15. I saw a great edit of this comic where after he said "did you just assume my gender?" she replied "Yeah. Why, was I wrong?" And he just let out a defeated "No".

  16. this just in: art requires 0 brainpower to create and analyse

  17. See, that's why he sucks at art. Not because he's not talented, he just can't shut his brain off when doing all things art-related. Always firing on all cylinders, this one. It's a sigmalpha thing, you wouldn't understand.

  18. Especially when the fifth panel of “Oh, I’m sorry. What gender do you identify with?” will actually end the argument.

  19. There was a great edit I saw of this where after he says "did you assume my gender?" she says "yeah, why, was I wrong?" And he just looks kind of sad and says "no".

  20. Yeah the keyboard warriors who did absolutely nothing to help anyone in any context are the real heroes here.

  21. "I could do better than a woman who has been trained from birth to stalk and hunt prey." ~ 40 year old guy who hasn't jogged since high school

  22. And in the end, the sole survivor had to change his method to attack the alien because running and gunning didn't do anything. Instead, he had to identify the alien's weakness and treat the fight as a hunt. I've haven't seen Prey, but I will tomorrow. I'm assuming that the girl is a hunter herself, she has better experience in finding weaknesses and hunting the predator. Plus there are other people in the movie such as other Native Americans and white settlers, so she's not completely alone and can read off the predator.

  23. "Pshh, I could do better than a woman who has been trained from birth to stalk and hunt prey." ~40 year old guy who hasn't jogged since high school gym

  24. A frame in 4k resolution is 8294400 pixels. That's 3.2 x 1017 pixels baby!

  25. I don't understand what that number is. Keep your woke liberal math out of my good Christian comment section!

  26. I'll never understand how 'bleeding heart liberal' is used in the pejorative. ESPECIALLY among Evangelicals.

  27. The term "bleeding heart liberals" was originally coined to mock those opposed to lynching.

  28. Then Deadpool showed up and everyone clapped

  29. And the whole crew and Deadpool and Keanu Reeves meet up with Elon and drive around in a Tesla, running over gay people. Hire fans!

  30. I can't believe they put wokeness in my videogame franchise that you can crossdress in!

  31. Homophobia? Not that I'm doubting you, but what is that in reference to? Genuinely curious.

  32. It amazes me how long the LGBTQ+ community has been called predators and pedophiles, yet statistically most pedophiles have been straight, white men.

  33. Calls for death for drag queens, but nothing for all the Catholic and Southern Baptist Convention sexual predators.

  34. And what, pray, are the offences that would lead up hanging? "Looking at me in a funny way?" ""Driving an electric car?" "Disagreeing with me?" "Using the word 'gay' in a non-ironic manner?"

  35. See the Turner Diaries for further info on what they constitute as a hangable offense.

  36. Tbh I think I'm just bitter because years of putting up with the shit-ass fandom led me to detest the whole series by proxy lol

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