1. Im assuming you asked this because you were in a debate with someone, which character was Goku facing?

  2. When he was powering up, it was his excess ki that was destroying all the mountains and such, which is the largest amount of damage excess ki has done before. In the same movie he was casually able to go into Super Dimensions and shatter them.

  3. They aren't tho... Multiple translations and guide/data books support this.

  4. Ok if Frieza is uni then why did cell say that he only has enough power to blast the solar system away. And that was his full power. I have never heard anyone make this argument lmao

  5. Cell never said he only had enough power to blast the solar system away, he said "I'll blast you and the entire solar system away with you" his energy was centered on Gohan, meaning that according to cells calculations, his kamehameha had enough power to kill Gohan and then had enough excess power to wipe away the solar system.

  6. This isn't Garou vs Cell?? Its Saitama vs Cell lmao. Guide books with mistranslations can be translated accurately from the original text?? They are accurate and saying they aren't is just blatant ignorance. Going by the rules of the most popular Power Scaling wiki's and reddits data and guide books are canon unless proven otherwise.

  7. Dragon Ball Z is a part of the original Dragon Ball Manga

  8. what age range are you looking for? I have a group that is beginning a campaign over discord soon.

  9. Toaa, stan lee, bugs bunny. I feel like people that can transcend the narrative and become the author can beat scp. I mean i may be wrong, but as far as i know they just have limitless people but not anyone that has become the author, no?

  10. In scaling, viewing something as fiction is merely 1 level of transcendence. For example an author who wrote a 4d cosmology is 5d. There are some SCP's that can forever transcend themselves. SCP's like SCP 3812 can forever climbs the narratives and transcendences above it.

  11. Idk about that one chief. As far as i know there isnt anything above limitless except for transcending the narrative. Stan lee and toaa are definitely not just 5d. Becoming the author is far above dimensional. Thats like saying outer is 5d.

  12. Stan Lee and Toaa are in the outerversal range considering the cosmology of marvel is outerversal. But when it comes to scaling canonical authors instead of actual authors, you can only scale them to transcendent to their cosmology. Being an author isnt purely only on a dimensional level. I just used it as an example. Authors are transcendent to their works, so you scale them to 1 teir higher. So an author who works on a 4d cosmology is 5d. But also if the author works on an Outerversal cosmology then they're High Outerversal.

  13. Edgy characters are naturally cooler to play but Goofy character (at least for me) are funner to play.

  14. Fancy fighting Bards? Sounds like a College of Swords Bard to me. They can take a Fighting Style similar to Fighters and Paladins, and have special attacks called Flourishes which are another way to use your bardic inspiration to do extra damage, protect yourself, and move around the battlefield.

  15. Well if you actually read the class you'll see that bards are full casters so... yes, of course. Why would you think that a caster class wouldn't be allowed to cast spells?

  16. Its just that I've only seen bards being played as musicians and I thought that they casted there spells through music.

  17. I love the fact that everyone in this section barely knows anything about dragon ball. Majin Vegeta would take this easily. Keep in mind that at a bare minnimum and by ignoring all other cosmology statments, Frieza was universal (yes the one from DBZ) at a power level of 120 million, and Cells power level has been stated to be infinite before. Even ignoring that Cell is at bare minimum beyond Frieza in strength and Majin Vegeta is stronger than Cell meaning at BARE MINNIMUM Majin Vegeta would be Universal which far surpasses Saitama.

  18. Dragon ball is goated and I probe like it more than better call Saul, but liking something and it being better are different. Better call Saul is a way better show and the only thing in dragon ball that I'd argue is better written than lalo is vegeta's character and bardocks character

  19. 4D is essentially Uni+ to High Multi, 5D is Low Complex Multi

  20. Dragon Ball fanbase has quite alot of brain dead people, but i feel like it doesn't even compare to the amount of brain dead arguments OPM fans use.

  21. the fact that this isnt a joke is sad, the fact that Saitama is the bonus round implying he is stronger than Goku makes it more sad.

  22. Saul Goodman is a more complex character, id argue Hisenburg was a fairly simply character who was elevated by the world he was in and how his personality conflicted with other complex characters.

  23. When did I say the Mortal Universe is 4? I am talking each Universe being 4D at most, 5D is the thing tha tis containing all of those Universes from 1-12.

  24. Again that original tweet isn't in reference to his dragon ball cosmology, thats in reference to his views on how the irl world works. And he doesnt have authority, this is true except the statements I used were when he verified it with Toriyama and Toei who both have authority therefore making it canon.

  25. Could you link a the actual tweet instead of a low quality image please thank you because of what he said recently contradicts on it.

  26. The different zeno is from another world lol, its called a timeline cos the alternate worlds in Dragon Ball work like timelines, each of the 12 universe contain multiple space time continuums with different time flows. Universe 7 alone is Outerversal - High Outerversal.

  27. “Have you ever seen the context for those tweets..”

  28. Sheuisha doesnt have authority over the anime lol, the anime and manga are 2 separate canons. The tweet is about the anime, and the tweet was verified by the company that owns the rights to the anime, Toei animation.

  29. Canon is what’s official published material. Akira, koyama, and toyotaro, all the writers who have worked at writing dragon ball have to go through editors. They go. Through the editors of the publishing company, and when it’s approved by the publishing company, THEN that published material is what’s considered canon.

  30. Koyama never said those statments were head canon lmao, and its literally a canonical explanation given to understand the cosmology with verification of Akira Toriyama and Toei.

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