1. I got motor breath smalls and whip i twhich says it's a limited release. Haven't tried either yet or broken any down

  2. Cresco is literally one of the worst cultivators. Just do a Google search but y'all enjoy

  3. To each their own my last 2 indica purchases White Truffle and Face mints was really good. No one has to feel the same lol

  4. I literally said y'all enjoy and then I got downloaded this place is becoming a cesspool 😂

  5. This strain isn’t my fav but my wife uses this daily for chronic pain & she says it work’s fantastic

  6. She says it works for chronic pain? I've been looking for another good strain for chronic pain. And I actually picked up a 5.6of this just haven't tried yet

  7. I love her 😍 I have a regal female named rose and she's so big and beautiful but will not let me hold her 😩 she barely comes out of her nest

  8. I got a half of white guava last week and it looks and smells good haven't tried it tho

  9. I'm my experience they don't usually stray far from home lol but that's just me and mine.

  10. Mine only ever stays in a nest she made up top, literally only comes out to eat 😞😞 I keep wanting to hold her or try to gain trust but she doesn't come out enough to 😞😞

  11. This is my first jumping spider, a female I believe, and boy is she a cutie. She’s a P. Regius and I can’t wait for her to get bigger.

  12. I loooove her,!!! She's so adorable, I have 2 jumpers now a canopy and p..regius and my p. Regius is the biggest jumper I've ever had ❤️

  13. Orange batteries are out of stock for a few months atleast. You can smoke LR pods out of those just take small hits so you don’t burn the pod.

  14. I mean honestly my black battery has never bothered me, I just kept seeing on here these work better so wanted to try it and got this... Wish they'd label shit correctly this is not orange lol

  15. I got that too. Perfect for live resin, you can really get the full flavor

  16. Found 14 in Verno Guava Gelato 5.66..Not mad..4 of em gonna flip in a few weeks..99% of Bag seed I find are Female..

  17. I swear the people on here are fucking lame ass trolls.. Get down voted for sharing your experiences.. Fucking lame ass bitches..LOL!

  18. How’s Burkle pod compared to LC & TCC? I like both & saw Burkle on the menu for awhile & thinking about trying it

  19. You're probably going to have to wait and try to get a better picture. Hard to see her unfortunately 😔

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