1. Omg 😍😍 I have a otiosus as well not sure on sex yet it's molted twice since I've had it. They're so beautiful

  2. I don’t care for them. The battery is weird, it pushes the vapor into your mouth

  3. Yea I've only had like one airo maybe two and I remember not liking how it hit. But now that they have the .84 for the cost of the .5s I feel like I should re try lol. Who knows

  4. been a thing for a minute, the menus don’t say .84 though i think

  5. Are they pretty good? Any issues with hardware or anything? Jc

  6. Def bring it up as someone who was on painkillers as a juvenile and ended up addicted for years and mmj is what helped me get off heroin. So yes cuz that's the alternative if u want any quality of life. Trust me ur parents will listen can't say anything past that but they will listen.

  7. I got the Apex 1,6 and for the money they are amazing

  8. Strange..contact customer service and try score another? Could be a sign from god as it’s the Lord’s day?? Inshallah brother

  9. Lol well it did it yesterday too so not sure on that , but I will thank u. It vibrates to warn my sesh is over so I'm confused

  10. The Notorious cured resin coming out makes Layer Cake smell like roses. I cannot wait to get it on shelves. I'm calling it Dirty Armpit OG. It stinks so bad but smells so good!

  11. I feel like the GRMPZ BE pod I just got is very gassy as well like layer cake. I need to try this notorious.

  12. I just want to thank everyone for the advice on my previous post here about Gomez not eating. I left a mealworm in his enclosure before I went to work. Came home to a mealworm carcass. As someone said I guess he didn’t want to be oogled while he ate. I will try everyone’s suggestions on food for him. Anyway, have this low quality video of him wondering why I’m staring at him.

  13. Oh most certainly the way she's posed it's like a pshhh I know I look good stare 🤣 love this photo thank u for sharing

  14. Thank you! I just know everything I read said when their abdomen starts looking thin they should eat. I’ll keep an eye on him and keep offering food. The woman I got him from said he’s past the fruit fly stage. Would it be best to feed him in his enclosure where he’s comfortable or outside of it?

  15. I would personally keep feeding in his enclosure so he gets used to eating in there and I would try house fly pupae or bottle fly spikes. I noticed when he wouldn't eat worms and I tried this he went right for them I think the movement of flies gets their hunting senses going more. But that's just my opinion from what I've done with mine.

  16. I’m going to try it! Thank you for answering my questions. I hope it works.

  17. Your welcome (: if not just post on here I've found people are very kind and helpful for the most part in this sub

  18. I just got the minis of this strain and I love it! I have trouble falling asleep due to some broken bones/muscle issues and this helped a ton for me!

  19. Oh fun! I was thinking about seeing if I could breed them eventually so I guess this is a good surprise start. Thanks again!

  20. Anytime, there's a care sheet in here for spoods I'm not sure where tho someone posted a link awhile back

  21. That motorcade rosin is the bomb!! I'd snatch a 2.5 of that if I could too. Got their split vanilla 2.5 bucket. Love firelands and Ancient Roots

  22. that's weird, after watching some videos on the internet I'm more and more certain that my spider did lay eggs, cause she is covering her web with more layers of silk, but the eggs look like they are white to me (white lump in the back wall of the web). Granted the lighting is very poor and the place where the spider built the web is really hard to see.

  23. They could be yellow then and just covered in a ton of webbing lol

  24. huh mine is white, wonder if that means something

  25. That's what I'm wondering I've never seen white but I'm not an expert or anything I just started keeping them beginning of this year

  26. Yea I was about to say this is what I did and it made it much much easier. A friend on here told me as long as they have enough food they won't eat each other and can stay together til l4. I released all but 5 that didn't wanna leave and they did great eating together til they were released.

  27. From what I've seen the older/Bigger they get the longer molts takes. Slings molt inna day or.less, but my adult audax took a week or more his first time with me after catching him.

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