Costco Bundle Launch Day Thread

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  1. https://www.criterion.com/films/33246-wall-e?utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=title-announcement&utm_content=nov-2022-wall-e

  2. Hey! Are you still looking to swap? I’m sending you a DM right now!

  3. Selling 2 tickets to the 2/26 DC show. I have the physical tickets so I will need to mail them :)

  4. Selling a ticket to Monday's (10/25) Brooklyn Steel show. I bought the ticket for $39 with service fees and all. Send me a DM if interested!

  5. Looking for 2 Saturday passes, can pick up anywhere in/around NYC 🙏🏻

  6. Hey Nandi! Huge fan of your work, it’s helped so much over the past year. One of my only great memories from my quarantine was seeing you perform at MASS MoCA last fall — your show provided a beautiful moment of connection with others in such an awful time. Thank you so much for that.

  7. No, it just showed up! I did pre-order the '2019' vinyl from Matador when that was released. That is my best guess how they got my info

  8. Ok, finally found a way to listen and it's a new song called Thumbs!!

  9. This bot is amazing and constantly scrubs the New Bridge Medical/Bergen County Vaccine Site. It is for Bergen County residents/workers only.

  10. Hey - I am the creator of the bot! I'm glad it could help you navigate this awful roll out for you and your loved ones. And thanks for spreading the word!

  11. Any chance you've got one for Essex county? Or could share the source of this one to update it for other counties? (I saw you've got a Union county bot as well)

  12. I was in the middle of working on spinning one up but had to take a break for some personal reasons. Stay tuned, I hope to have it working by the weekend.

  13. I’m in CT, just got my email and it’s arriving Friday the 27th!! Order hasn’t show up in UPS My Choice yet

  14. Yeah! I was just trying to find a frame for mine, but the pandemic interrupted that.

  15. I have the audio!! I’ll try and figure out how to post it tonight

  16. Awesome! Please do! Google drive might do the trick.

  17. Hey guys, such a big fan of your music!! Thank you so much for bringing so much hope and happiness into my life 🧡

  18. i literally have this sub, my email, and my mobile banking app up and refreshing every few minutes to see if something happens rn lmao

  19. Checking your bank account is next level lol. I just looked at mine and have a "temporary authorization" from TicketsTodayLLC. I'm curious if that is just them checking if I have the available credit or if I should read into it more (did I get the tickets?!?!)

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