1. If it's prestige we send it back to the company (in most cases) and drugstore makeup is thrown in the garbage

  2. No one likes to see a local business close, but I must say I found this restaurant highly overrated.

  3. Does a person have to give permission for someone to view their calendar (i.e. take some step to share their calendar) or can supervisors/admin. access it directly?

  4. You can save a ton of money through the emplyoee discount. I got a steelcase chair for about 50% off retail, and places were selling the same chair for even higher markups than the MSRP (amazon was selling it for $1800, I paid $600). the chair was also a game-changer compared to a $200 office chair I had before.

  5. I found it tough to shop at Walmart because most of the time it's super busy in there. Someones always in your way and at the same time your in someone elses way. It's similar to shopping at costco.

  6. I was just at Save On and their grapefruit is $3.99 each. Walmart had the same variety for $1.99.

  7. You're doing God's work - thank you. I was wondering what caused the calendar/mail tabs to be on the top left - I prefer the previous layout. This worked!

  8. I don't think Ethan is not attracted to Harper, I think he just became compartmentalized about actual sex. Porn can be like picking up junk food vs shopping for and cooking oneself a delicious nourishing meal.

  9. Yes, I was very impressed taking my puppy there. Kind and informative staff and nice new clinic. I miss them now that I’ve moved.

  10. Cherry seems like such a classic lipbalm scent I’m surprised they’d get rid of it.

  11. Good point. They already missed the cut-off for the Golden Globes, though, so I would be surprised (and disappointed) if they willingly missed the Emmys this year. But obviously I'm biased as I think Succession deserves every award.

  12. I was wondering why Succession wasn't nominated at the GGs last night. I thought they would be since S3 just aired last year?

  13. Last ep (3x09) aired December 2021, qualifying for 2022 Golden Globes last year. There hasn’t been a season out after this for them to qualify for the 2023 Golden Globes.

  14. Ah, I see - thank you. I waited to watch S3 in early 2022 so that's why I was confused.

  15. Does it get better eventually? I gave up on it after 4 seasons. I couldn't understand it's popularity and honestly it didn't really rub on me inspite of trying for 4 full seasons.

  16. ITA. I didn't mind the first season but it became so dragged out. I ended up fast forwarding through the last few seasons. I know it's a terribly unpopular opinion but I find BB very overrated.

  17. I work as a Sales Associate at Leon’s and have worked in a couple other furniture stores in town. I can definitely help give you the best idea for saving money and for quality. Let me know.

  18. Do you know anything about Furniture Depot? As I posted above, I noticed a few pieces on there that I was interested in at local stores but for 1/2 the price, which seems too good to be true. Is FD legit?

  19. Wow 900 sq.ft. sounds huge to me and very luxurious! Congrats on your purchase!

  20. Thank you :) Yes, it is a good size for a condo, but the layout of the main living area is challenging in this place (more so than older apartments I've had) seems like with newer condos there isn't ample space for both a living/TV area and dining table.

  21. i’m so glad someone brought this up. i’ve been thinking the same thing. at some point, people will stop going to the white lotus considering the body count: 😑🥴

  22. Exactly! Word would get out quickly & it would deter people from going. It would almost seem like the resorts are cursed!

  23. It's getting dark now and I don't want to riskt the roads being icy or getting stuck so it will have to be tomorrow.

  24. Yes. Especially this week, since most suppliers are closed Sun/Mon they are trying to move as much product to stores as they can.

  25. Plain pumpkin though. I would think the baby food has sugar in it. And I think it's only supposed to be a tablespoon or two. I would do plain white rice and plain skinless boiled chicken. Good luck

  26. The baby food doesn't have any sugar. The ingredients are pumpkin, apple and peach.

  27. Peaches and apples have tons of sugar (pumpkin already has a decent amount). Just plain pumpkin is what they recommend for a reason.

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