1. How is the performance/fps on PS5?

  2. Why? And you same people complain about islamophobia (which is also terrible) it's the same thing. Imagine being bullied or killed etc just because of your own choices. Let people be.

  3. This is something I low key like. It shows how undervalued the animals are in the jurassic canon

  4. IIRC in Fallen Kingdom they have comically low prices at the auction too (considering what the “products” are).

  5. The finale scene where huel said "seems like I need to fuel myself." Made me tear up so much. The amount of geneuis that was put in this show is astonishing. Who could've predicted huel drinking fuel. Truly a cinematic classic piece of art. Bravo Peter Gilligan

  6. Isn’t the second one more about micro managing people rather than dinosaurs ? I’m afraid of being annoyed at having to constantly manage people and scientists when I just want to build and observe dinosaurs

  7. (sorry if the text in the beginning is too fast, also the story is in the description)

  8. also what i really like is that monorail at the back of the Innovation Centre. Idk why but it could be one of my fav parts of this build (again idk why)

  9. Honestly, that looks f*cking amazing!

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous! I’m trying to recreate the areas specifically from camp Cretaceous but I’m not so good at decoration stuff, also it’s a little harder when I have only one building set to choose from

  11. yeah it is hard to build jw on last gen. That's why i waited till i finally got a ps5!

  12. It just looks that good, it’s a compliment

  13. Looking at the pathing makes me wish we had more variety..

  14. A little bit of a late reply but... what I meant was how guests entered it in the movie, sorry my wording didn't really specify that

  15. Frontier can't implement stuff from outside the jp franchise or other games from jp media

  16. My dude this is a control center and a feeder and a viewing gallery. What do you mean by accurate?

  17. now they cant even have a actual on screen death

  18. i this sorta stuff stopped probably because of how sensitive people are towards Zara's death (and just in general i think)

  19. who knows! maybe it's gonna get a bigger building set one day (from a dlc with jw stuff idk)

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