1. That escalated quickly lol. I'm sure that at that point they'd be able to send nanobots up your ass to search.

  2. Welp, I live in Texas and our cold front has pretty much ended by now and so far no one I know has experienced any blackouts, and as far as I know we didn’t have any blackouts this year and it was colder (here in Houston at least) than it was last year.

  3. Hacks into random peoples computers just to install ad-block what a knight in shining armor

  4. We generally upgrade when our PC falls below our standard of acceptable performance. A worthwhile upgrade is one that makes a noticeable difference.

  5. Would like a smoother frame rate when I play my games. I can run most games on ultra settings but usually have to sacrifice framerate a fair bit

  6. What games? What resolution? What is your current framerate? What framerate are you hoping to reach?

  7. Also I run 1440 but looking to eventually upgrade to 4K. My frame rate is usually 60-90 but it can dip to 30 and under if things get a little crazy. Looking to maintain at least 60-90 consistently

  8. West Virginia, automatically barred from chadhood forever.

  9. -has aweful handwriting forcing virgin meme consumer to squint and exert monumental focus while chad artist efficiently saved energy with minimum exertion. Essentially cucks anyone who sees it much like lad Medusa

  10. Latin america countries are very pacific to each other

  11. Harari is a set of transhumanist tech-optimism bullshit opinions masquerading as philosophy and social analysis.

  12. Update yeah that book was pretty trash lol guy spends way too much time elaborating and speaking overly complex about simple concepts. A lot of his logic doesn’t really make sense. I think he wrote for people who already agree with him

  13. Or people who are going to think “wow this guys really smart. I better listen to what he has to say” and don’t challenge his views

  14. You should neuter him. Make him a real virgin.

  15. Seriously, do it. The chemicals telling him to piss in the house will go away and he won't be trying to bone the neighbor dog so bad it's painful for him.

  16. He hasn’t peed in the house for over a year lol he’s very happy with his large testicals. Happier than our dog who is fixed 🤷‍♂️

  17. Ck3 is pretty accessible for a new player to learn but the whole playing a strategy map game as one person/dynasty was kind of hard for me to wrap my head around at first since pretty much no other strategy games use that perspective lol honestly eu4 was the game that clicked with me the fastest where I could semi play the game

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