1. Nigri is the new spears will do everything but show anything until we don't want to see them....then we will see em and be like awe they are shit now.

  2. Couldn't disagree more. 2 pics and 2 vids is a hassle? That's clearly someone who is fake especially when you are upfront about strict verifying.

  3. Not really legit trader here been dupped in the past and the verification process for someone like me is impossible. My wife knows I trade and stuff but she wants no part of it.

  4. Finally! Been seeing your posts of just reveals and bouncing been waiting to see em in action and they don't disappoint now to see em bounce after being covered in cum!

  5. Um they gots more moxie lol no I feel like an emo chick is more likely to fight and in a survival/primitive Sense more likely to assist in the defense of offspring. In other words if you can kick my ass ...I'm in love. Not me personally but it describes a sense of the attraction. Emo = emotionally tough imo.

  6. I kinda think I know where your at. Is there a picnic table just behind the shot on the right hand side?

  7. Take care of yourself! Not ganna lie will miss your captions and everything. Best of luck in case I don't catch your future posts.

  8. At the time of filming wasn't her dad like CEO of jp Morgan in like Japan or something? But yeah her dad got sent this video like constantly.

  9. Thanks it's not really a difficult thing just spit and jizz. Where? Everywhere then we can talk.

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