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  1. Migraines did stop during pregnancy. But I had probably the worst a few days later that lasted a week

  2. I have seizures, they are uncontrolled. After having one recovery can take days.

  3. I have finally had to give in to this as well. It fells better actually. My doctor said it is actually maturity to know,understand and do what is right for your body. Doing the bare minimum is absolutely included because it is taking care of ourselves

  4. Yes. Absolutely. I just stay to myself My husband had terminal cancer and actually lived for 12 years.

  5. I have epilepsy. My seizures are uncontrolled. I can go to the hospital any time. I just don’t cause there really isn’t anything they can do. My doc has said going anytime is fine if I feel I need. But I know they can’t help. Also with all the viruses out there I’m probably better off at home unless my bp goes to high or my seizure last to long.

  6. I have been listening to this nonsense forever. My husband had cancer and passed several years now. Basically it was my fault , lack of faith according to them

  7. I’ve had migraines my whole life as did my dad. Neither of us missed work. I can remember him pacing the floor holding his head

  8. Congratulations. My migraines stopped by the 2nd month. I never felt better. Hopefully this will be your experience also.

  9. I will never understand how some people can be so rude. Especially family. I am sorry you experienced this. This person is a jerk. I stayed home for another holiday because I am just tired of all the insensitivity especially since I became sick.

  10. There r cameras monitoring 24 hrs on the epilepsy floor You can’t get out of bed on your own

  11. I’m see several question the coke remedy. I have used it to help for years. Is it the caffeine who knows. I did find getting the fountain drink works better. My daughter ( a chemist) said the properties are different. Give it a try next if possible

  12. Yes. I’m trying to get on Medicaid for a year now w/ a waiver. My meds r ridiculous high. I’m disabled and simply can’t work. I thought about going back to work somehow but I can’t drive and my memory is shot.

  13. I am 62 suffered w migraines since 12. I’ve had no choice but live a life. My migraines are not controlled. Most of my friends and family are clueless cause they either would not or could not understand. So why even bother to explain Yes I throw up all the things you talk about. I had to stop college because working and school was to much. I was throwing up at school to much. ( no one knew about it but me)

  14. Yep. My husband and I were shopping for paint colors one day after a migraine. I just couldn’t do it

  15. I use to work at a university in the psychology dept. We did a study on retired adults.

  16. Yup. My 16 year old son is constantly bombarded with alt right content. He sent me something this morning very upset about Illinois "purge laws."

  17. Yep. My daughter early 20s as well. She was getting swept up in it as well

  18. Try applying to the pharmaceutical company for help. Look up the drug on line there should be a link on where to apply Or ask your doc

  19. Use to happen to my husband. He had cancer but looked fairly healthy. I could say people just don’t understand but I’m tired of saying that and I think people working in health care need to be more accountable

  20. Basically once you can’t be fun or add value to someone else they are gone

  21. I have a daughter w severe medical conditions. If she to get pregnant/ raped a pregnancy would absolutely kill her! I know she isn’t the only one facing this.

  22. I have RA and uncontrolled epilepsy. Among other illnesses. My family plan and simple is just mean They think I should drive at night to the store ECT when the traffic is low.

  23. I have epilepsy as well. I can absolutely relate. It’s a brain fog beyond belief. People say write it down or take notes lol. If it were only that simple. That’s stuff normal people do to remember

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