1. My boyfriend. After nearly 5 years everyday still feels new and exciting. He makes me feel safe and reminds me of the good in the world.

  2. He took me to see a horrible movie in this shopping mall thing. Prior to the movie I thought we’d get food, walk around a bit. We walked around the parking lot. The movie was terrible, and it wasn’t even close to being in the horror/thriller genre. Ever other scene this guy was jumping in his seat screaming and moaning. I never saw him again.

  3. (US) We had a black president and currently have a black VP ; LGBTQ+ support being so popular, etc.

  4. I (22F) say yes and no. Yes the douchebags and assholes tend to get the girl, but they don’t keep them. I also think there is almost a phase of maturity that once reached the douchebags and assholes no longer get the girl.

  5. I was sneaking candy into a movie theater and I made a huge deal about my boyfriend not moving too quick or bumping into me as do not cause wrinkling. In line I proceeded to take out my phone and ended up frisbeeing the snacks and everyone saw

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