1. Some real-life avatar shit... I love it!

  2. Let me know when your available! Ign Waz

  3. If they weren't given clear information then why the fuck do what they did. Makes no sense.

  4. my bad, I use The Call cabin. People hate on it because it's made for droners but if you're going for a rammer (as long as you drop the drones far away) The Call is a beast. The drones add an insane amount of power when you deploy them, coupled with all the fused power perks...seriously, it makes a great rammer.

  5. Oh I gotcha that's interesting I woulda never thought. I suck at using all the equipment to their full advantage as far as stats go, I just started to read the parameters and definitely makes a huge difference with using certain weapons with cabins and weapons. Had the game for about 2 years now smh lol

  6. I feel ya on all the stats, there's so many to look through, compare and contrast. IF you got the time for it, you'll start to see that some weapons are meant for certain cabins, same with modules. How we combine them all is the hard part. I been working on my rig for about 3 years now. I got several others but the one I'm talking about, now, is the one I keep going back to refine as the game progresses. If you're on PC, look up Snaggeltooth by ObsidianFang on the ex. it may give you some ideas.

  7. I'm on ps5 but forsure, but yeah my homie is so good at building I did a shareplay and now I have a photon with the aurora and two mini guns and he explained the cab thing. The photon pairs with energy weapons and that heating other builds up the mini guns shreds it down. Moral of the story I suck at building lol

  8. Typical little dog, barking and not doing shit lol

  9. Shit gets funnier every time I watch it lmao

  10. What the fuck fucking gross nasty ass biiiiiiii

  11. Females are fucking disgusting. I always wondered how this happened in public an this just proved how women are fucking way more disgusting than men.

  12. I'll have to hyu tomorrow I'm going to bed. But yes I have everything

  13. Let's just make our way through by running. This shit is harder than I thought

  14. I beat that mf, wanna join up from there?

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