1. Well actually we don’t. We have a LL Blue goku AND vegeta (as a tag character) I was referring as a single unit. And yes 2 and god don’t. God has potential to be a great LF tho. I haven’t seen much on 2 but I’m sure it can be good too

  2. Since you're new, you might not know that forward hops are 1) only added since Monster Hunter World* and 2) really short compared to other hops. For maximum distance, use backhops.

  3. Welcome to the club, leave your brain cells in the communal bucket for the rest of us to share.

  4. Any shame being a hammer bro?? I'm new and have been loving the hammer, then I saw that video where they called us dumb bros pretty much lol I feel I drop big damage and am really good at dodging so I feel like I'm contributing properly?

  5. No. I love hammer. It’s a dangerous job though because you’re consistently in the monsters face

  6. I finally just got the gem after 19 fights....

  7. I call BS. I think she got backlash and then tried to claim it was for snacks. Otherwise, lunch money for snacks wouldn't be "due" because you can add money to their account at any time.

  8. I really can’t believe they’ve released 5 same versions of some characters when they literally have about 100 other DB characters to use. Little Krillen, Tien, buff Roshi, young chi chi

  9. I've been begging for a buff roshi that blows up the moon for 3 surveys now. If I see one more goddamn trunks..

  10. How are you liking it? How is the seat, too firm or comfy?

  11. Yeah apparently the 30 people who voted down don't understand that it's a joke about how new slang is constantly misinterpreted

  12. There’s only a handful of flavors that work in milk. Strawberry shortcake is just strawberry nesquik in milk.

  13. Will this chair ever go back in stock? As a huge Naruto fan, this is my dream chair.

  14. An “adult” for 2 years (and as a former 20 year old, I use that term REALLY fucking loosely).

  15. That's really cool🔥would've looked cooler with a green led mod for the home button imo.

  16. Yea… didn’t think about that when I was getting all the parts. Definitely not ripping this thing apart again just for that, lol

  17. Does it have stick drift?. Ik every controller have that but is it like horrendous?..😂

  18. You're right. He'll throw a 40 yard bomb to the double covered guy on 4th and 1 while the mid crosser streaks wide open.

  19. And hired an assassin to kill him… who succeeded… then Goku revived himself by thinking 5 steps ahead.

  20. I can't draw good, but I know what love is

  21. I'm being serious, dude. Within 6 months, Legends will be dead the way it's going. Believe me if you want to. But, it's pretty obvious: No CC, no new FtP Ultra's, terrible pull rates, garbage rewards for 1,500 days, trash Anni. This game has gone to shit, bro. I would quit while you can.

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