1. Their loss YOUR gain. They obviously don't understand cats.🐱

  2. She''s a beautiful girl. She obviously wants to live with you.🐱

  3. Exhausted! Why are you working the paw baby so hard?💤🐱😠

  4. 🎉 Congratulations what a handsome boy. Hoping you have many happy years with Jameson.😺 🎉

  5. Definitely true! My ginger girl Sansa does exactly the same thing.☺️

  6. Hello beautiful one! What a gorgeous girl you have there. What is her name and how old is she? Meow from my Sansa😺 and 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 🕯️🎁🎁🎁🎁

  7. Thank you, a pretty name for a pretty girl. May you have many more happy years together.😁 Tomorrow(Mon) will be 18months since my Rescue girl Sansa came to live here, she was 2yrs old in Feb.

  8. Sansa is a proper lady ☺️ girl’s a Stark but she’s got that Tully gingerness

  9. Callie ii's gorgeous, she certainly doesn't look 22.☺️

  10. Aww thanks! It’s much for my benefit also though. Love having them around!

  11. There's something about cats isn't there? I was born in the "Year of the Tiger" and have had cats all of my life, from birth. Apparently our family cat used to babysit me and let my mum know when I was awake. The one wrong thing, it should have been called..."The Year of the Cat".😺

  12. Happy 2nd Birthday Ron. I hope you got heaps of presents. 🐱 🎉🕯️🕯️ 🎁 🎉. purrs from Sansa. 😺

  13. Hi handsome Gus, how old are you. I'm a 2.5yr old ginger girl. Big purrs from Sansa😺

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