1. Oh, I'm sorry he hurt your feelings. Your protesters write x1000 more offensive things on their banners.

  2. Then they should go and protest to the guys who make the decision. Blocking the road is one of the shittiest ways to protest. They dont block only Ukrainian trucks, there are others using the roads. Farmers dont own the roads.

  3. Thank you very much for translation.

  4. This guy? I assume nobody in that line of tractorists is against that banner since it seems like he is at the head of the column.

  5. dj0 says:

    Because the farmers are getting fucked over by cheap Ukrainian grain that was allowed to flood the market.

  6. Ethnic minority in southern autonomous region of your country wants independence and to eventually join the country where their ethnicity is the majority of population.

  7. Nobody asked what the minority of our southern region wanted. Russia just came and took it by force... after it promised to never do it with accordance to Budapest memorandum in exchange for nuclear weapons. Even Russian majority of Russia doesnt get to decide who will be their next president, let alone some other "southern regions" of other countries. Or maybe you believe in Russian democracy?

  8. <3 from Albania, Zelensky will come here on 28, we are opening a new NATO base , that your pilots will train in the F-16s.

  9. The most stupid argument here. Try harder and you may find a logical one.

  10. Buddy, we are past that point when we need to prove something to others.

  11. And one of these two sides is aggressor (hint: Russia) and another one is defender (hint: Ukraine)

  12. "you lost a bunch of land because you wanted to be subservient to u.s interests. and you won't be getting it back either. and if you haven't noticed, you're losing the war."

  13. If Ukraine didn't give up nuclear arsenal for "safety", there would be no war. But here we are

  14. Vertical, White Background, Cartoon hand drawn, full body view, ROOT: The RPG game. Make an anthropomorphic (animal) in the same art style as the game ROOT: The woodland game of might and right. He is a (rpg class) that has a (colour) tattered cloak and a tan white shirt. His (fur/skin/scales/etc. colour) and his eyes are (colour).

  15. I wonder if it can make character sheet with same character facing different directions

  16. Imo he might be the best sports journalist working today. He makes very very high-budget, high-concept stats-centric video essays on YouTube.

  17. What antibiotics were available at that time?

  18. Honey. Young prince Henry, future King Henry V, who would go on to win famous battle of Agincourt, was almost killed by an arrow at battle of Shrewsbury, when he was 17. The doctor removed the arrow and treated the wound with some mixture of honey and maybe something else. Honey was used even in the ancient Egypt

  19. Rule number 2: read rule number 1 one more time.

  20. Rule number 3: Don't cede your nuclear arsenal. If you don't have nuclear arsenal - get one.

  21. Holly shit, Ukraine! No wonder it is called a bread basket.

  22. Fun fact, during Ukraine occupation Nazis were transporting its fertile soil (Chernozem) with their trains.

  23. Really interesting night vision

  24. Holy shit I've found my people. So many people hating on the episode, while it was probably one of the most interesting episodes of season 7.

  25. The best episode in the season. The pacing, the silliness, highlighting Goldenfold as one of the important characters was great.

  26. lol pick a flair before trolling

  27. ONE russian did a stupid thing and then Ukrainians did their stupid thing, your "EXPERTS" must be hell of a nice people to say that you should kill surrendered soldiers that are laying flat on the ground

  28. they were not surrendered, they were not searched, they were not POWs, they would become POWs, if their buddy didnt play ruskoi rambo

  29. occupant terrorist aggressor what? occupy what? terrorize what? aggressor what?

  30. Corruption of sovereign state doesnt mean you are justified to invade it. These are one of the stupidest takes Ive seen on the matter.

  31. Elon will shoot cybertruck with catapult and claim that it's "catapult-proof" car

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