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  1. this has guilted me for a while. my ex was abusive and when i had my son, it finally clicked that he would turn out so fucked up if i kept him in that environment. i had him arrested when my son was three months old. and he's tried to come back. i told him only if he goes to therapy which he refuses, of course. my son is about to be 10 and hes asked over the years about his dad. i told him when he gets older he can look him up. but ive always struggled if i made the right decision because there are things he misses out on. but i really love the way you put it. i guess ive always felt that but seeing it in words just resonates!

  2. First and foremost, sorry you had to experience that. Second iam very glad to hear you had the courage and strength to rip the poison out of your life. Your story brought tears to me I always asked myself why my mom never had the strength to leave my father. He was physically and emotionally abusive to her all our lives. To the point that she succumb to mental break downs because of him. Now as an adult i understand how my life was affected by the trauma, even if i was not the one being physically abused, the emotional and psycological end is just as bad for a child…. All in all iam here to tell you that you made the right choice and one day your son will understand why you made those decisions. Ive always believe you need to love yourself first and forth-most, then your love ones (children) shall thrive and grow from you. 🤗

  3. 90% here. F it! I held BABA for 7 years. We’ll see with this one.

  4. Likewise, I started trying to get 5k then 10k, 15k, 20k and finally I said “fuck it lets get to 30k and THATS IT” lol

  5. I said the same @30, @40,@50…. now my ultimate goal will be 100k LFG!!

  6. Going balls deep in this bitch before ER. Hoping to get my average down to 3.5 or lower by then.

  7. Chicago/ Chicagoland area, scale $47.40…. LIUNA💪🏼

  8. Would like it if insiders bought the dip. Renaissance tech went long, and they're not in it for the shits and giggles.

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