1. Sexy bnne ki koshish kr rhi ya aankh hi iski asli mein itni khulti hai??

  2. Mazaa aa gya jay shah ko dkhkr, legend for a reason, will leave a great kegacy!!

  3. Are you a low iq pissoff swine? I am talking about swine urine and its benefits as stated by pisslim clerics… and yes they also claim swine shit is better than cow dung.. its validated in the book

  4. Big talk, but no video to show as proof, typical chaddi pissdus 😂😂

  5. Lol… i am not pissed off nor i want to show any proof to validate the scums of pisslam… you are actually pissed off thats why wasting your wasted life time searching for proofs… come on everyone knows pisslam is piss… just do a google search your self and you will get it… lol

  6. RSS shakha mein sikha rha abhi ye sb baat along with savarkar-bulbul kahaani 😂😂

  7. Yeah I made librandus shit their pants on their own page so obviously 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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